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A few Fynne pics

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These were all taken with the camcorder so the quality isn't very good. I hope you enjoy them anyway!


This is Fynne on the near-frozen shores of Lake Michigan when we went up for a visit. It was only something like 8 degrees that day!




Here I have just taken her out of the car for a socialization session near the dog park. The DP is out of view at this point.




This picture was taken a few seconds later. We are still right next to the car. She realizes where we are and I'm having her sit instead of worrying about anything. I tried to capture pictures of her when she was nearer to the dog park but they were not clear at all. She's generally relaxed at that distance now and able to focus on me and even wag her tail happily.




Here's poor Boy being left out and not liking it. :rolleyes:




In this picture I've put Fynne in a down-stay in front of her food (green tripe that day) so that I could take a picture of her eating it.




And here she is waiting to be given the "ok" to eat it. Notice how respectful she is in both pictures. She's really good about that.




One of these days I will get some clear pictures of her and Boy playing together. They are a hoot but awfully hard to capture!

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She really is gorgeous!


With that look on her face (in the last pics), she looks like she's going to die from tripe deprivation any minute :rolleyes:

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that third one of her standing there really shows her pretty colors. She is really quite beautiful!


Poor Boy! he looks shocked that you would leave him in the car!

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