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Quinn Update - 14 months

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Its been quite a while since I’ve updated on my boy and I wanted to share some photos and a bit about how he’s been. 

First, Quinn is doing very well. And his training has come along very well and of course, is still continuing. He’s now got a *mostly* solid stay and recall, and solid sit, down, shake, and ready (which is also look). We’ve also started agility and he excels at it, but is a little unruly :). We’ve been taking a break over the summer and I was considering trying out rally obedience this fall to help reinforce what he’s learning in agility and in our daily training. I’ve learned that agility is as much about me as it is him and that I have to retrain myself as well on some things. 

We have also worked our training into fetch and frisbee play. He LOVES the ball and the frisbee. This summer’s been wonderful and we’ve also spent a lot of time swimming. Quinn is an excellent swimmer and is spurred on to be better and beat his best friend (Clementine the golden retriever) in the race to get any toy. 

He is a HAPPY boy and there is no doubt that all the frustrating puppy moments we went through in his first year have made me a better dog owner. I’m quite sure that life would be much more boring and unenjoyable without my crazy puppy. He is such a sweet boy. 








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Thank you for the update.  Your Quinn looks so happy and is obviously well loved.  I love the photos with his bestie Clementine, the contrast between their coats is gorgeous!

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