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Color genetics translation - Anyone?

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My dogs just got DNA tested and in the test was color testing - And since i breed working dogs and really only know the very basic color genetics that can cause health problems, i have no idea how to translate this. :D

So.. Any color experts here who can translate?
I know what colors it looks like my dog has, but what should she look like based on these results?

K locus: 

KB/ky || KB/kbr || kbr/ky|| kbr/kbr

Colour Locus A - Agouti:


Saddle tan: 


Locus E: 



No merle, dillute, brown or otherwise interessesting colors.


So... What colors should she have, based on these results?

And what to expect when mated to a tricolor mottled male (her mother is mottled too and she has very little ticking on her legs herself)? :D

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There is a good group on FB, called Coat Color and Genetics. I know nothing about the genetics behind colors myself. 

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Thanks, think i might have translated it into something i understand :D

So expecting tri color and B/W puppies, some mottled and not any brindle. 

As she is exactly what she looks like - B/W, carrying tri :D 

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8 hours ago, Miss_M said:

...think i might have translated it into something i understand

Any chance you'd share that translation for the rest of us who have no clue what it means? ;)


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Will try my best. 
As she is b/w she will always test one of these combinations - But the lab can't tell if she carries brindle too (Kbr) or Kky, so that's why they list all the options.

Kb is dominant black, Kbr is brindle, and Kky is allowing tanmarkings defined by the A locus to show when they have to copies of the gene.

And here is the fun part, her father is known to carrie Kbr because some of her siblings is brindle. So that confused me a bit.

But - Her mum is tri, and gave her one copy of Kky we know that! 
So she would have shown some brindle markings if she carried the brindle gene. And she doesn't. 
That means she got the dominant black Kb from her father.
So she's Kb/Ky = Black and white. 

The "hidden" things in her colors is, she carries tri, and she has one copy of Kky and tan markings defined on the A locus (at/at) (but no surprise as mum is tri)

So she is likely to produce b/w pups and tricolor pups with a male carrying or being tricolor.

But she won't pass on any brindle.

The E locus is a melanistic mask, which defines she's likely to have a dark face. Haven't really figured it out yet, as her face is not all dark.
But we have had debates, as her markings is not well defined in her face and she has like a grey smudgy line between the black and white that looks quite fun. 
So some thinks those two things might be related. But really have no clue myself :D


Aaaand, this is what all that genetics look like ;)


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