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Cat in BC costume?!!

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So our son calls and tells us he found a starving (skin & bones) kitty beside the Hwy in rush hour traffic. No tags,covered with fleas,&filthy.

Of course we caved in and let him bring her home siiiiiiiiiiiigh.

Could not believe the coat similarities! Even our older cat was going insanely slow towards her after we let her see the kitty a couple days later.

”Grrrrreeeeeat another one of those K-9’s! Hmmmph!”

Our BC Rosie was ready to play but kitty is still getting use to things : )714A4488-2A34-4AB8-9B2B-AC26493324D2.thumb.jpeg.930384bc2fa6f91c451f6f63fd65a45f.jpeg07DA54A1-5ECD-416F-A902-3558D08CAB08.thumb.jpeg.f6c20dbe86d46b8f5e21596ca5fdebce.jpeg

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Years ago I went to my herding lesson one day, and the barn cat brought her kittens out for the first time.  They were all block and white, and marked  exactly like border collies!  They were immediately nick-named the "border cats".

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