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Long time admirer,newbie BC mix pup

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Hi my name is John our family has had our sweet little BC mix for almost a month. Our daughter named her Rosie, and as I am on disability at 55 I spend about 24/7 with Rosie.

Our 15 year old female Peek a poo died in my arms last summer and our male Shi Poo,Max is totally blind now and we are getting ready to be empty nesters.

I believe my wife knew I wasn’t going to handle it well when we eventually lose Max and when I saw lil Rosie it was love at first sight : )

She an Max get along well now that he is use to Rosie walking up and bumping his nose (remember he is blind so startled him at first) but they get along well now and I have even seen Rosie guide him with friendly bumps when Max is about to walk into something outside (what a GOOD GIRL! : ) AND although I thought our orange tabby (Minnie) had it in for Rosie now they play with wild abandon.

Minnie is rarely scared of storms but we had a bad one with hail and over 60mph winds come through our heavily wooded 1890 property and Minnie laid flat on the ground and looked terrified and that is when our little Rosie when right over to kitty and wrapped her paws down Minnie’s side like she was comforting her or something! I am still amazed by that one!

Anyhow here is a picture of our sweetie we hope to spend many happy years with : )





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