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Meet my girl, Scout...little border collie with a big heart (patent ductus Arteriosus)

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Hey everyone! 

I am new to the forums but not new to the breed...blessed with them my entire life.  Scout is 9 months old, full of life, and was diagnosed with Patent Ductus Arteriosus when she was 5 months old. She was always kid of a "lazy" pup and had some serious activity intolerance going on for a while, sometimes to the point where she would collapse, and it was scary. Months of strict crate rest, leash walking only, and she had to go to work with me everyday(I'm a vet tech and thank god I could take her).   After many visits to a cardiologist, ultrasounds etc, we had to wait a few months to actually have the surgery, wait for het to grow a little more, since the stint to femoral artery ratio needed to be correct.  On October 20th she underwent the PDA surgery in Pittsburgh at PVSEC and is almost in the clear! The hole in her heart itself has been repaired but its been a long road of building up her activity tolerance again.  She is doing so awesome, slowly increasing activity levels, flew thru basic obedience (well duh,), starting CGC classes in February, and is really the most amazing little BC I have ever had.  We can't wait to see what else we can conquer together.  I just wanted to share my girl and how much of a little fighter she is.  Her heart condition caused some stunted growth and she is a tiny little thing but boy is she something else.

 Please share your story with me if you have had a BC with a PDA.   


Taylor and Scout 




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No story to share, but thank you for sharing your and Scout's story.  Welcome to the Boards.

Congratulations on your progress, and I hope you keep us updated on how things go for you in the future.  And photos, lots of photos, because Scout is a cutie pie. 

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