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Good Morning from Wheeler

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Good morning!  

I’m pretty new here.  I’m the proud mama of a 13 week old BC, called Wheeler.  

We are a dog family and have 4 other dogs as well.  I’ve done dog rescue for many years too.  I’m no stranger to puppies.  

Wheeler is pretty easy though.  He’s a doll.  I can’t get over how amazing he is and him and I are really bonding.

Pictured below is Wheeler with my 14.5 yo dachshund.

I hope it’s ok just to post to show off your cute pup and say hi. 


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Welcome to the Boards. We love puppy pics. In fact, if you do not post a puppy pic, you will be booted off. Just kidding. <grin>

Have fun with your pup!

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I love this boy so dang much! He’s the most loving dog and so well behaved (for a 16 week old puppy).  And he’s showing his true BC side by making sure everyone else (we have 4 other dogs) is rounded up and in the house before he comes in.  


And he he lets me hold him like a baby when he naps. 


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