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As another thread mentioned, it's getting quite cold now and we just had a snowy and icy day yesterday. My pup, Quinn (4.5 mo), LOVES water, ice, etc. and will straight up walk through freezing ankle-deep water and run over the ice. I have been considering getting him little booties to protect his paws but wanted to ask the opinion of those who maybe have tried them before or had experience. He's not a working dog and it would mostly be for our long walks during the day/evening. 

Here's a pic of the pup from a few days ago (he'd just missed the squirrel who ran up the tree) and a video of his first snow experience. 

Thanks in advance, 



Quinn Pup - No Squirrel.jpg

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I'd never bothered with boots for winter treks in the woods as my experience with this hearty breed tells me they do just fine without them.

But I just got a set of Ruffwear Summit Trex (https://ruffwear.com/collections/boots/products/summit-trex-pairs) for my therapy dog because of the huge piles of salt facilities use on their walks and entrances. A few moments' exposure to the salt has bothered him far more than hours of running in the snow ever have any of my dogs and it's been bad enough that I've had to carry a wet washcloth to clean it off when we got inside, which was a PITA. Plus I don't want him licking it off.

I'd tried some less expensive booties in the past and he managed to get them off before we got into the buildings. These have a much better fit and he's kept them on long enough to actually start acclimating to them. The other big plus with them is that they sell them in pairs as well as sets of 4. Many dogs' front and rear feet are different sizes and this way you get a good fit both front and rear.

So, I'd say for outdoor snow adventures without salt to wait and see if Quinn needs them. If he starts holding alternate feet up and/or refusing to walk, then he's telling you his feet are too cold.

But if you'll be walking on sidewalks that are salted it could be a good investment.




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8 hours ago, GentleLake said:

Great advice from GentleLake.   I have my own dog bootie saga and agree with GentleLake about Ruff Wear and it is worth the money to get booties that come in pairs.  There is a full-size difference between my dogs’ front and back paws.

If you decide you need booties, I suggest looking at Ruff Wear or Ultrapaws.

My bootie history- Here in Minnesota, when surface snow melts and freezes it pretty much turns into sand paper.  My BC is a skidder when she plays, and I was horrified the first time she had a bloody footprint. 

I ended up buying 5 different sets, two cheaper sets from PetSmart that fell apart and three more expensive sets, Ruff Wear, Muttluks, and Ultrapaws. 

Ruff Wear was great.  No problems walking, but when playing, we had a problem with the low profile constantly slipping under her dew claws.  I wrapped her paws with vet wrap to prevent this from happening. 

We bought Ultrapaws when I got tired of wrapping her paws.  They worked very well. 







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Thanks much to you both. It was CHILLY today (felt like 19) and he seemed fine. With the arrival of snow, and subsequently, salt, I'll probably get him a pair. I am also worried about sizing, so I'll have to measure appropriately. Thanks again to you both for the excellent advice. He's officially 5 months tomorrow, and 30 lbs already :)

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