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Jack Knox - Learning Life's Lessons with Stockdogs

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For those of you who know Jack his long-awaited book is available for presale.  I am sure this autobiography will contain many gems of wisdom for your life and your journey with stockdogs.  https://thehomesteadpress.com/product/jack-knox-learning-lifes-lessons-with-stock-dogs/

For those who have not had the privilege of meeting Jack - he has spent his life dedicated to teaching others about stockdogs and sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience selflessly.  He is an advocate of breeding and training dogs with the mind and instinct capable of doing a days work regardless of working on the hills of Scotland or farm fields in Indiana.  I learned from Jack -The right dog with the right Stuff raised with respect and raised to respect is the best partner we could wish for.  Can't wait to read this book

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