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Raw feeding, how much for pups per day

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Jack is 14k (30lbs ish) and 22 weeks old.  Tall and leggy, full of beans.  I dropped his meals down to 2 a day last week, but he always asks for more. Can anyone suggest what percentage of his current body weight he should be taking in?  He's on mixed raw with chunks, some bone, plus small amount of mixer and a Bonio biscuit, twice daily. Our butcher minces his offcuts of everything he has left at the end of the week (a bit bloody) so that will include muscle, offal and the rest.  He is slim (dog not butcher) and just covered, ribs can be felt but not obvious to the eye. Looks glossy and in lovely condition.

I am wondering whether 2 meals are fulfilling his growth requirements - coat and legs grow by the day!  He's having  playtime and training outdoors for an hour twice a day, occasionally more, with some lead and road training extra.  Time at home is spent playing with toys or timing his laps between two patio doors at each end of the bungalow at high speed.  Practising for his racing debut at Le Mans.  Sometimes I wonder whether this intense hyperactivity that can last 2 hours, is a sign he is hungry. I worry about his leg joints at this age; it's too cold in UK in November to encourage swimming in our local rivers.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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I feed 3 meals a day till 6 months.

There is a way to calculate by current weight but it's very complicated and not any better than the easier way.

2-3% of ideal adult body weight per day, divided by however many meals you're feeding per day. Start in the middle w/ 2.5% and work up or down depending on condition. You want your pup lean but not skinny, definitely not pudgy. Some may require more than the 3% and that's fine as long as the condition's right. Few border collies will require less than 2%.

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Gentle Lake, this is so helpful, thank you.  His mother is bearded collie, father long lean BC 24"+ at the shoulder, certainly taller than the average.  Have calculated median weights,  and based his adult weight at 26-27k. As you suggest, I shall return him to 3 meals a day.  Keep forgetting just how young he is. Another month or so will be better for him I think.

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