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Redness on skin

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Hi guys, New here but I wanted to ask a question before I take the boy to the vets. 

My 1.5 year old BC called iolo has developed some patches of red skin and hair loss on his knuckles, there seems to be a bit of a patch further up his back legs too but it’s not as visible as it’s still under the fur but it’s more visible when he’s all wet!

Picture of it is attached, wondering if anyone’s come across it before or has any idea what it could be, he doesn’t mind when I touch it and he doesn’t seem to be fussing at it either, also not shown any other signs of sickness and is his normal crazy self.

thanks for any replies or advice


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Ryan, I'd take him to the vet. Those spots look to me like friction wore away the fur, but it could be some type of skin mite, (mange) or allergy. Does he lick that paw a lot? That could cause some baldness and irritation.

Ruth & GIbbs

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I’ve not caught him licking or fussing at it at all, and he’s not bothered by me touching it either which is why I’ve not been too worried really, at first I thought it was just Grazes as he does tend to sprint at full speed over any terrain but it doesn’t seem to be healing up so I think I wanna get it checked out now.

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