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Behaviour Modification - What would you do?

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Hi @dallasbc


Was thinking about you guys today and my walk and realized some other helpful things I have done for ellie that might help dallas. I always read Ellie level of excitement before walks and if i put the leash on and she is going bonkers and whining and to excited we sit on the couch and I don't look at her and look at my phone until she is calm enough then we calmly walk to the door in a heel position and then I make her sit while I open the door and look for triggers then I tell her good to release her. This helps start the walk on a calm tone and also showing that you are leading.

And then two other things I keep in my back pocket which are super helpful for redirecting her focus is "Find it " and" touch". I taught Ellie find it by throwing treats (2-3) on the ground and saying find it! in a happy voice. Eventually they will associate this with a good thing and you can use it when dallas is starting to get worked up. I use it sometimes when I dont have treats now and there is a trigger and I need a second to get more. But it is a good way to get her focus off the trigger and back to you or atleast to the ground. 

The last one touch is a favorites too. It is super simple tell her to touch your closed fist and then she gets a treat. This works as a second recall if needed, the key is to never use this in a negative way. Sometimes ellie doesn't respond to her recall because I use her name when I am upset with her. Touch is always happy and she is always super stoked when I say it !

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