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Book: Games to play with your dog - Dr David Sands

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I found a gem in the second hand shop today: Games to play with your dog by Dr David Sands.

I realize you can find a lot of fun games and activities with your dog online nowadays, but this is still a fun book to read. 

It has all kinds of fun things to do with your dog in different categories. I particularly liked the chapter with "family games" where there are suggestions of fun games

that involve children. There were some activities I wouldn't have thought of like "ghost dog" for Halloween which is sort of a game of tag with your dog in the dark with a group of people (well children, but a group of willing adults will do of course). When the dog touches you with its nose "you are out". 

Some of the other categories include "thinking games", "searching games" and "garden sports". All games use positive training (a clicker, treats and training whistle are mentioned and explained).

It is a nice book for anyone looking for inspiration on new things to teach or do with your dog :)


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