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Frequent urination

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Belle seems to have settled in well now, she's learning basic obedience, sit, stay, come here, lay down, leave etc. Plus she loves her walks now considering only a week ago she was frightened of the leash.

Accidents in the house are few and far between, she goes to the door now when she wants to go pee/poop. However, she pees so much in the evenings. I'm talking every 10-15 minutes. During the day she usually goes once every 4 hours ish but from 6pm onwards, its crazy. And she pees every single time she goes out too.

She's 4 months old on Monday and otherwise healthy. There's always fresh water available at all times and she does seem to drink more in the evenings. Any ideas why she's peeing so much?

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Could she be more active in the evening and therefore thirstier? What time is her last feeding and is it dry food? Maybe she's needing to hydrate at the end of the day.

As long as she's sleeping thru the night I don't think I'd be too concerned about it.


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