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My dog post spinal surgery 6 / 7 months

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As the title suggests my dog had spinal surgery 6 / 7 months ago and has made a good recovery. Going forward though I would like some advice as I am a worrier.

The procedure he had was called hemilaminectomy.


Recently I contacted the veterinary specialists that carry out his hydrotherapy as over the Christmas period Max broke 3 rules given to me in regards to him in the space of 24 hours.

He Jumped up on the bed, Ran whilst of lead and went upstairs.


Max's Hydro-therapist wasn't available and I was advised to contact the place where Max had the surgical procedure. I did so and got a call back from the gentleman who carried out the procedure, the advice he gave me was contradictory to what the physiotherapist and hyrdo-therapist advised.

Obviously Lorenzo is a Neuro Surgeon so I should take his view on the matter.


Lorenzo told me that with it being 6 months since he last saw Max that I could let him off lead and that if he did run not to panic and that I could return max to his normal schedule.


Today I let max off lead to meet another collie and it went well until the other owner threw a toy for his dog and Max ran after it at full speed and did that twice and was running in a circle to stop me from putting him back on lead. Eventually I managed to get him back on lead.


Based on the advise Lorenzo gave me, do you think Max will be okay. Obviously I do not intend for this to be the norm and will try to avoid a situation like this in the future.

It is hard as a rule I do not throw toys for max to fetch now. The diagnosis for max was Degenerative Disc Disease :(


Any replies/advice would be appreciated.


Kind Regards,


Mark C

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I understand your concerns. I had a dog with a serious spinal injury that paralyzed his back legs for a few days. While he did not have surgery, he had a long recovery period, eventually returning to all his normal activities. It was very nerve-wracking at times. Could you make an appointment to consult with Lorenzo for more details in what Max can do? That way you can explain his activities (not all dogs run and play the same) and have a clearer plan to keep Max as healthy and comfortable as possible. Plus you could relax a little as you settle into this new normal with your pal. I suggest taking notes as you discuss care and prognosis. Good luck!

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