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Kate & Cash

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I just realized that, although I do post on here still, I haven't shared pictures in a long time. So, here are Kate and Cash. I also plan to get my first ABCA pup soon! The litter is due in June, so I'll probably get my pup in August. I'm looking for name suggestions-the mom's name is Jynx, and I want have a related name, but I'm drawing a blank.


Kate and Cash












I thought this captured Kate's "just leave me alone and let me work" attitude...




...And this captured Cash's "I love you, and I'm so happy!" outlook on life.




Goofy Cash



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Gorgeous dogs!


As for a new puppy, on the theme of luck - Felicity/Flick for a girl (Latin for good luck), or Penny (as in a bad penny) or Missy (as in Mischief), as for a boy Loki, Puck and Maui spring to mind, all tricksters.


Have fun with your new puppy!

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Love the pictures! They're beautiful dogs <3


Do you know the gender of the pup you'll get? Jax is cool for a male and Josie for a girl, since you want something similar to momma dog's name.

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