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Severe puppy biting

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Hi there, I'm a first time BC owner, and unfortunately, I am among those dummies that adopted a BC without first doing in-depth research about the breed and perhaps started out with my puppy all wrong. I know more about these dogs now and am doing great with the majority of his obedience training, I am very precise with him and he's gotten "sit", "down", "go get it", and it in the process of learning "leave it". Unfortunately, I have had NO success in reducing his play biting, which has worsened to severe biting every time I hold him or touch him. I have never used any sort of negative enforcement with him, but he acts as if hands are the devil/and are far better than his toys. I've tried the majority of corrections, I mistakenly tried the puppy "yelp" for two days before discovering that this breed usually gets more excited with things like that. I have tried removing him from play and putting him in his crate when he bites, I have tried removing myself from his playpen when he bites me and turning my back until he calms down. He simply goes nuts and barks and yips. We are capable of exercising him daily, we have a nearby trail and dog park, and he is still a young puppy, 2 months old, sonwe do tire him successfully, but the biting continues. I am socializing him bit by bit, nothing. My hands are cut up pretty badly. I would LOVE some advice for this. We love him dearly and simply want to be able to pet him and handle him without bleeding. Thank you for your time.


I have attached a week old photo of him being held by my mother. No biting back then.


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If he's only 2 months old, he's still a tiny baby. For one thing, do NOT take him to dog parks at this tender age. He has not had all his vaccinations and he is far too tiny and fragile to mix with grown dogs.

Also, if he's 2 months old and you've only had him a week - goodness, slow down! He's a BABY!

Can you please confirm how old he is and how long you've had him?

~ Gloria

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