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The dogs of fall

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Fall is one of my favorite picture seasons - the lighting, the colors, the possibilities!


They were suspicious of the picture idea. But I had cheese.

29729258834_e9fca810e0_c.jpgIMG_8900 by mjessup, on Flickr


This dog.

30243126262_8aeae84da7_c.jpgIMG_8880 by mjessup, on Flickr



Squirrel watching, I think...

29729313074_2d1a456d3f_c.jpgIMG_8809 by mjessup, on Flickr


It took a minute, but they fully embraced the idea of being bribed with cheese

30243113422_97062d70e4_c.jpgIMG_8891-2 by mjessup, on Flickr



The beach in fall is a glorious place

30243162842_1339891594_c.jpgIMG_8532 by mjessup, on Flickr



My SILs dog, Kirby. She's a dane/lab mix and has a *serious* crush on Kolt. The feeling isn't exactly mutual


29729241284_e8bd637899_c.jpgIMG_9062 by mjessup, on Flickr



30359682795_1c212f709a_c.jpgIMG_8542-2 by mjessup, on Flickr



Kenzi turns 8 in a few months. How is this happening already?!?

29729249134_831b4ef266_c.jpgIMG_8917 by mjessup, on Flickr


Feel free to add your fall favorites :)

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