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two year update

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Miss Bess, our low pressure ABC rescue girl has opened up quite a bit in the two and a half year she's been here. She interacts well with the other dog - we're down to one extra, both cats, and the family. She now guards her back yard from anything and everything quite happily. She solicits attention quietly instead of shying away. She still has no use for strangers, particularly strange men and children. Given her background I don't find this surprising, I doubt she will ever have much use for either.

This morning when she came up to me reading the paper and wanted attention, I noticed she was watching the paper closely. I rolled it and offered it for her to inspect, and she instantly cowered away - I'd never noticed but this is the first time the newspaper has been offered rolled. Obviously someone 'disciplined' her with a rolled paper in the past. I put the paper flat on the floor, and eventually she came up and had a look and then ignored it totally. Through a quirk of luck, I had found out who he breeder and PO were. I don't find the idea of her being hit at all out of line from either of this pair. I learn slowly, but eventually.

We've lost one dog and one cat since she's been here and while the cat's passing was kind of ambivalent, she was somewhat distressed when the old Kuvasz left us. We'll likely add another rescue girl if/when the right one comes along, We're pretty much past raising puppies. Consequently Sam, who's not yet three, will likely be the last Kuvasz in the household.

She's doing well, everything considered.




PO = Previous Owner

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