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Kelly Hill

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Kelly Hill trial was a great success. Sheep were range ewes, challenging and set between ridges it was the terrain that was also interesting.


Many great runs, Really nice folks! Gloria Atwater and Ron Green were our judges.


Lee Lumb won over all Open and Nursery


Combined with Moon Creek trial the weekend before I think Gene Zurcher won the combined.


I was on horse back most of sat/sun


Had a great time! Looking forward to doing it next year.


First two photos are of the course


last is me, fuely and Jake, returning a set (photo by Bonnie Block, Field and Farm Photography.)




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Thank you, Tea and Cowboy Pete, for having us all over to your beautiful place! I thought you did an excellent job for a first-time trial and you had wonderful people around you to help whenever there were any questions and every time we needed an extra hand. It was a challenging course on tricky sheep, and I was really impressed by the good humor and sportsmanship of everyone there. Plus - wow, what scenery!

Thanks so much for having me, and thanks to Ron Green for setting the bar on Friday before I took the judge's seat. :)


I hope you guys will continue doing trials like this!

~ Gloria




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Wish I could have been there to volunteer.

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me too SUE! :)

At times it was kinda a circus but we came through it!

Yeah we will keep doing it....just have to keep figuring it out.


Only way I get to see anyone!

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