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2016 National Sheepdog Finals individual and group sponsorships

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It's that time of year again when folks can sponsor dog/handler teams at the National Sheepdog Finals. This is both a way to help provide financial support to the 2016 Finals and also to provide a boost to a dog and/or handler that you admire, have learned from, you or your dog are related to, and so on. And your sponsorship donation is tax deductible! Not to mention, there is a nifty prize for one sponsor and there are some drawings for cash prizes (see the website for details).


Only one sponsorship is allowed per dog so if you want to be able to choose the team you sponsor, getting your commitment in early is the smart move. If for some reason that dog you have chosen is not able to run, your sponsorship will be assigned to another team (I know in the past, that we have been able to request the alternate team and I'm hoping that's the case again this year).


A sponsorship for a team is $125. Not everyone can afford a $125 sponsorship but five people each putting in $25 can raise one full sponsorship. I've been coordinating some of these "group sponsorships" for quite a few years now, and am happy to try and do this again this year. Anyone who is interested can let me know by replying here, sending me a PM, and (best option) sending me an email to susan dot rayburn at gmail dot com, and letting me know that you'd like to help support the working Border Collie in this way by chipping in $25 or a multiple of $25.


And, each sponsorship gets listed on the website, on the running orders, and in the program, plus gets a free pass to the Finals and admission to the Saturday night Handlers' and VIP dinner so if you are able to go and no one else in your group is, you get the passes!


Again, the sooner I have your commitment, the better. And let me know if there is a team that you would like to support. I usually try to pick a team that we are familiar with from here but I see that Gloria Erin Atwater and Nick are already sponsored, so I'll have to see if anyone else we might all know is going to enter. In lieu of any suggestions, I will make picks based on teams that I feel are particularly deserving of our support.


I want to be clear that I am in no way associated with the 2016 National Sheepdog Finals Committee or the USBCHA or ABCA in any official capacity. I have just been doing this for some years now and found it a way to raise sponsorships from people who would love to be supportive of the Finals but are not able at the level of a full sponsorship.

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PS - If you are active here (even just a little) and are entering a dog in the Finals, please let me know. The groups like to sponsor people we know or know of, and it's always helpful to have some team names to choose from.



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It's not too late to help sponsor a team at the 2016 National Sheepdog Finals! Just five people at $25 each will provide a full sponsorship for a dog/handler team. I'd be happy to coordinate one if people would like to contact me here or via email (susan dot rayburn at gmail dot com). Enough people chipped in to already sponsor Joni Tietjen and Cap. Here's hoping we can raise enough interest and commitment to sponsor another worthy team.

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