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Everything Is Not Black or White

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Thanks Julie. I was beginning to think I should have not posted this film. I have my own confusion and issues about eating meat. I don't eat poultry or pork. (No bacon! :wacko: ) Because I have issues with the lack of regulation of poultry husbandry and slaughter practices, and the impossible position that poultry farmers are placed in by agribusiness. I have issues with farrowing crates and other practices in pig farming.


(John Oliver on the plight of the chicken farmer)


I don't think eating meat is wrong, per se. And I have known enough cattle ranchers to have no problem with range cattle, cow and calf outfits. But I dislike feetlot finishing. I wear leather shoes (sometimes) and I consume dairy products.


But I felt that this film drew a compelling picture of a person who went from being a vegetarian to being the wife of a cattle rancher. It isn't always easy to know what the "right" thing to do is. But I feel that this woman, her husband and son have a good, ethical life. It's a thing that's getting harder and harder to do.

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