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Ideas about forum headings, image

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Re: the Boards' demographic drifting away from the stock working crowd to the pet/sports crowd.


I thought of ways the forum headings could be restructured to emphasize aspects of stock working and de-emphasize the pet and especially the sports aspects.


I am a person who thinks in terms of pictures, so I make pictures to help me along. Here are two, showing the working and "general" sections of the Boards, altered in ways I (perhaps mistakenly) think might be more attractive to people with working Collies.


My apologies to any who might be offended. Please feel free to delete the post if it feels counter-productive. The picture was from Google Images, uncredited. If it's yours, have Eileen remove it if you want.


post-10533-0-17071400-1460086508_thumb.jpg post-10533-0-63935900-1460086533_thumb.jpg

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My only suggestion would be to put the Working Sheep forum above the Working Cattle forum.


Border collies were developed as sheepdogs after all. B)

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