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red russel

Back to Basics for a Day! - Olympia, Wa

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Next Clinic!

So often our dog’s first step on a flank is towards their sheep or last step is falling into their sheep. Either one applying pressure to the stock which can upset them at the pen, move balance on a lift, or collapse that crack we were hoping to exploit for a shed.
So I thought going back to basics would be a good idea. We’ll spend a day working on the first and last steps of a half flank, a stop, and then in the afternoon, apply this to shedding and penning.

Our last two clinics have been great with lots of improvement from dogs and handlers at the end of each day. Lots of work and opportunity to get better. Work as many dogs as you like. The goal is to make sure you walk away with a clear understanding so you can keep working at home.

Cost: $125


Olympia, Wa


[email protected]

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