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New book: "From the Handler's Post"

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Couldn't decide whether to post this in the "Trial Tips" or the "Books and Videos" section. I wanted to alert anyone who might have missed it, though, to a new book by the late Vergil Holland, "From the Handler's Post". You might think in glancing at it that it's directed mainly at the sheepdog herding community, as it's loaded with invaluable information on how to maximize points at a sheepdog trial, how to salvage a run from heading south fast (we've all been there!), or how to train to avoid certain pitfalls. But then I realized that it might also represent a good read for anyone who casually spectates at sheepdog trials because they appreciate the beauty and the brilliance of these dogs. If you want a better understanding of what's happening at a sheepdog trial - you can't do better than by starting with this book!


Kudos to all who labored to make this book a reality. I haven't finished it yet, but I'm certainly enjoying it tremendously so far!


Don't worry if Amazon tells you it's back-ordered - they'll get more soon.

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What? the late Vergil Holland? That is sad news. When did he pass away?


Edit, read the obituary on his web site, April 15th this year, sad news indeed.

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