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Sue R

2015 National Sheepdog Finals group sponsorships

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Team sponsorships are a major fund-raiser for the showcase event of the North American working sheepdog world, and you can be a part of it by sponsoring a team. You can go to the website and choose your team to sponsor and pay directly through PayPal or use another form of payment as shown on the website.


If you'd like to be a support for the 2015 National Sheepdog Finals but are not in the position to sponsor a team at $125, I'm willing once again to coordinate some group sponsorships. Five people at $25 each can pool their resources and provide a team sponsorship. We've been very successful in the past, raising as many as five sponsorships in this way (one year, we raised four and another benefactor found four matching sponsorships, for a total of eight, our best year ever).


Please message me here or email me at susan dot rayburn at gmail dot com (preferred) if you'd like to be a part of this group effort. I know I've put it off a bit late but it's not too late to make a positive impact and show our support!

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