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Caldwell Idaho - Craiglist ad. Can anybody save these poor dogs?

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Greetings all ~

A friend just posted this link from the Caldwell, ID craigslist. I know nothing except what's in the ad, but for goodness sake, can anyone help? Is there a BC/Aussie rescue in Idaho? Is there anyone who can foster these kids?

The ad is for a 6 year old intact male, tri-color border collie who "makes pretty babies" and plays ball, plus a very obese but sweet looking blue merle female Aussie.


Please contact the person posting the ad, if you can help, as I have no connection to these people. These little faces simply break my heart. (There is a phone number there amidst the all-caps wording.)

~ Gloria


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Stuff like this breaks my heart.


Both beautiful dogs, though the Aussie would be much more attractive if she were an appropriate weight.


I'd take them, too, oar at least get them into rescue, if I were anywhere reasonably close by.

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If you search the phone number, it shows a bunch of (deleted) ads for BC/Aussie cross pups as recent as the first week of December, so apparently the female just got done whelping a litter ... probably one of many ... unfortunately.

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