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clinic time?

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On this list, we talk a lot about generalities and I try to answer, based on what you tell me. People new to sheep dogs, can be poor reporters. I have often speculated that such is the case, and suggested you consult a pro.

A pro is coming to the Northeast and now is you chance to have your problems scrutinized by one of North America's best handlers, Haley Hunewill (formerly Howard).
Haley has been a top hand since she was sixteen when came on the scene in Klamuth Falls Oregon, winning the National Nursery Finals with her home trained Diona. She won again, a few years later, with her dog Ross. She is a pro at bringing to the fore a dog's strengths and down playing their liabiliites--just the sort of trainer we all want to be. Her manner with dogs is demanding but quiet. She will be at MIlbrook, New York in conjunction with the Finality Farm Sheep Dog trials in two weeks from now. She is not east often. An opportunity!!!
Time to go out and lay it on the line, in a clinic situation, and then report back, about how it helped you.
And watch the Finality Farm Sheep Dog Trial too.
That is my expert tip for the day

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Shoot! I just read this post this afternoon, and checked the trial schedule, and realized that this is all taking place this weekend. Sounds like something that would have been very helpful to me, too. Ah, well, I will have to check posts more often!

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