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Some issues with the new software

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OK, first of all, let me thank Heather and Eileen for their efforts.

That having been said, the new board software does have a minor issue.

I noticed my avatar was missing (and Eileen's too, so I don't think it was intentional!). When I went to my profile and clicked "Change" to add a photo, the page darkened (as if there should be a popup), but nothing else. Oh, maybe the new software doesn't like my browser (Firefox), so I tried Chrome. Ah, I'm not logged in on that browser, so I click on the "Sign In" link and the page darkens, but nothing else.

[ Workaround: I can open the Sign In link in a new tab, where I do indeed get to log in. The same trick allowed me to re-add my avatar. ]

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In my long experience with bulletin boards, avatars sometimes don't make the journey over during a major upgrade. I'm seeing avatars with most of the posters, so I hope this is going to be a limited problem. But keep me posted on stuff, and I'll do my best to solve the problems. I like the look of this upgrade, and I think in general the user interface looks nicer. So that's good, at least!

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