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New place!!

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After years of waiting, we are finally back in the country!! We are renting an awesome acreage in heaven on earth, central Iowa :) Livin' on a dirt road... we're the only house on our section so we get very little traffic on our road.




Behind the house, an awesome area perfect for lots of games of tug, frisbee, chasing, or whatever!




Pepper agrees on the Frisbee fun area...




...and since we're out in the middle of nowhere, we can play as late as we want!




More play area, and headed out to the best thing about the farm...




Ta-da!! A wonderful three-acre pasture. Planning on getting sheep out there sometime, not sure when or what yet, I don't know that I will be able to keep them out over winter (water availability). Also there's a lot of 'stuff' out there that I don't know if it can be moved, or if I can safely work sheep around it all. As well as a lot of 3-5" critter holes that need to be filled :-S




A great training yard that needs a fourth fence and a gate...




We also have some new neighbors! Last weekend we saw a buck wandering through our yard, then earlier this week this adorable little guy came wandering up around our house, kind of hope I see him again:




Finally figured out he is a mink, only about a foot and a half long or so.


Some perhaps not-as-welcome neighbors created these holes... haven't seen what lives there, but considering the big hole is the size of a basketball and those claw marks are about three inches across, I am afraid it's a badger... uff da. Any input to what this might be? or is badger a pretty good guess? There also continues to be fresh dirt thrown out, so it seems to be a current resident.




All-in-all, we're LOVING it here!!





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Some pictures from running around out in the pasture:








...and I had to include this little gem! I about fell out of my chair when I saw it:




Lacey is even getting to enjoy the great outdoors... in her own special way...




Thanks for looking!!



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it does look like a little bit of paradise. lucky you. enjoy!

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Awesome place - I'm rather jealous! ;)


Those holes may be groundhog holes - groundhogs are nasty with dogs so if I were in your shoes I might ask the county extension agent or a local pest removal place for suggestions on 1. determining if the critter is still about and 2. if it is, how you can make it leave. My cousin's GSD went after a ground hog and lost. She ended up with massive scratch wounds; they got infected and she was touch and go for a while, but did eventually recover.

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I was thinking groundhog too.


The mink is amazing, but I imagine his presence would make keeping poultry (should you want to do that) tricky!


It looks like a lovely place. I would most definitely plop some sheep out there!



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Very cool!


I also thought "groundhog" when I saw the holes. Around here, they just mainly graze on grass and duck into their holes when dogs show up. Didn't know they could be vicious! Aiiee!



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Very nice!


Around here we use live traps and a 22 for groundhogs that become a nuisance. Otherwise it's live and let live.


Quite possibly they might migrate to a "safer" place since the dogs are there now. I've never had any issues with them here even though they are plentiful in the area. I think they tend to stay away from areas that the dogs frequent if they have other places to go. I sure would be worried about livestock hurting themselves in those massive holes though!

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