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Kelliwic Border Collies

International Supreme Championship 2010

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I'm so glad the results page of the USBCHA Finals is set to auto-refresh. As I've mentioned previously, I DO like to refresh early and often! :rolleyes:


Meanwhile, the International Supreme has completed:


And the winner is...

15th: James McGee BECCA

14th: Kevin Evans SPOT

13th: Angus Jardine CUILLIN 317 Judges' Points

12th: Nigel Watkins FLOSS 16 Merit Points

11th: Stuart Davidson JIM

10th: Ewen Mackinnon NAN 22.5 Merit Points

9th: Jock Welsh TANHILL SWEEP 402 Judges' Points

8th: Jock Welsh TANHILL NAP

7th: Tom Lawrenson and SPOT

6th: Jed Watson and MIRK

5th: Ian Brownlie MO 493 Judges' Points

4th: Michael Shearer BOB 499 Judges' Points

3rd: Michael Hopkins LASS 514 Judges' Points

2nd: Graham Powell GWEN

Supreme Champion: Michael Gallagher CAP

Rest of details of points to be added later


ISDS News page

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