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Thank-you Bob

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It was great to see you and Nancy at Whidbey this year. I got kick out of watching you shoosh the big strong eyed dog around the PN course. Great job.


My two year old Yoko got better and better as the 2 weekends of trialing went on. I overfaced her at Deer Creek with the range ewes, so I wanted as little pressure from me or the sheep for her. Besides qualifying for the nursery finals, she received 6th place out of 56 entries in her first pro-novice class. I held no expectations for her other than to have a "fine" time. And, that she did.


Last year at Whidbey I entered Yoko's mother, Kilt in non-comp open. You suggested running her competitively. Kilt is a hard dog for me to run because she has her own ideas and lots of forwardness and presence. But, we actually got our first open points at MacDonald's trial with a 92 out of 110.


Bob, thank-you for your support. Sometimes just a word or two of encouragement means the world to many of us. Thank-you for taking the time to give such thoughtful replies and I love your your huge smile. You made me feel so good!


Suzanne Anaya (So. Calfornia)

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