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Sita is 6 months old

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Sita is 6 months old and still a little peanut! She weighs 19lbs and is 15" at the shoulders. I think she is going to be an itty bitty border collie. Here are some recent pictures of my camera harlot of a puppy. She just loves having her picture taken.


Hooray! I see you have my favorite thing... the camera!



Doing her best coyote impression:



Hanging out in the kitchen after a hard puppy day.



These are her tired ears. They slowly slide to the side like a balding man when she needs a break.



The muffin dog prefers to enjoy nature when ever she gets a chance. While the other dogs run around she prefers to bask in the sun or enjoy a cool breeze.





***She met sheep two weekends ago. It was hilarious. She was very polite and wanted to sniff their rear ends. She followed behind them calmly and curiously. I am not so sure she has any herding in her future. :rolleyes: Although she did crouch and give the eye for the first time this last weekend. Who knows, there maybe a little sheep dog in there some where.


One final picture to show just how little she is. Here she is on an adventure with Fitz, he is 37lbs.


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Next time I promise sheep pictures. We were in the mix with the dogs and sheep this time so we had no time for pictures. I just love this dog. She is an absloute pleasure. She is incredibly loving.

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She is so pretty! I love that she's always smiling!

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