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SOJ Cattle trial #2

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The 2nd SOJ cattle trial this time held at the 10-7 ranch is in the books. The RA Byrne heifers were even, and a good test for the dogs. The trial was low key, and we had a grand day. The trial started in the arena with 75 possible points, and moved to the field for a challenging drive and cross drive worth 60 points. One more of these trials to come this spring most likely April 25 and 26.


Open 23 dogs 140 points possible


1. Wade Gowin Joey 135

2. Martin Rowley Duster 130

3. Angie Untisz Butch 125

4. Ambrose McAuliffe Jeff 120

5. Lana Rowley Nell 110

6. Ambrose McAuliffe Rebel 110 ( broke on time)

7. Angie Untisz Dodge 105

8. Sis Gowin Clowie 105

9. Wade Gowin Wally 105 ( broke on time)

10. Lana Rowley Kell 100


Nursery 8 dogs 75 points possible


1. Ambrose McAuliffe Jocko 65

2. Lana Rowley Deacon 60

3. Lana Rowley mint 60 ( broke on time)

4. Ambrose McAuliffe Chili 57

5. Tom Blasdell Fly 55

6. Jack Ferris Casper 46

7. Bill Cease Nan 45

8. Tom Blasdell Cate 15



SOJcowtrialMarch2009015.jpg Young James takes a break from helping his dad set cattle


SOJcowtrialMarch2009017.jpg My pup Mint waits her turn and thinks the cowboys on the fence are full of BS


SOJcowtrialMarch2009019.jpg James and some of the heifers


SOJcowtrialMarch2009010.jpg Ambrose McAuliffe has the best seat in the house

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What neat photos - thanks for sharing!

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Thankgs guys not much in the way of dogs working i was too busy to get that, i just got a few people shots :rolleyes: After seeing Jodi's great pics of the clinic i wished i had a better camera for the shot of Mint. I think Amy C may have gotten some working shots, not that she was not busy too it was all hands on deck!



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HUGE thanks to the Rowleys for all the hard work setting up a terrific course, hauling the heifers, providing breakfast and lunch and everything else....and also to all the helpers who made it happen on the day. It's a real testament that the next dates are already in the works!


I do have a couple of pics that folks might find interesting on my home computer; I hope to post them in a couple of days.


Thanks again; it was a great day.



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Thanks Amy...and ohh HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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