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Recon! pic heavy

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The lighting in these pictures isn't that great, but I blame that on the fact that I had to keep one eye on the horses to make sure Chips wasn't trying to eat Recon...so I couldn't really fuss with the exposure. Anyway...!


Practicing our down at a distance...



My purdy girl:





Recon hates it when Demon gives her kisses:



But she doesn't mind sharing her bed with Damien sometimes:

This is one of the two kittens that were abandoned that I failed miserably at fostering. I suck as a foster parent, for real.


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Aerie - they are gorgeous pics. Recon is looking absolutely beautiful, and happy (well perhaps except when being licked by the kitty - how cute. :rolleyes: ).


It's so nice to see these pics - and no, you don't suck as a foster parent - some things are meant to be. :D

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I like the third one. The lighting looked fine to me. Better than most of mine!

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