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Found 1 result

  1. Well I haven't been on much so I just thought I'd post an update about Jinx, he's almost eleven months now. His birthday is coming up(July 14). He is becoming a wonderful companion and I can't wait to see him in the coming years when he really matures and becomes a dog, not a puppy. He's a great dog in and out of the house with only a few very minor "issues." - barking at strangers at night(this I actually really don't mind so much, it's not incessant and he stops, but stays cautious, if I tell him to quit) - slight pulling on the leash, I do have a command to stay behind me(not a formal "heel") and he does pretty well. Surprisingly he does better with this command off leash and on a trail rather than on leash out in public - shoddy recall(my own fault, and something we really need to work on) though sometimes I can call him away from things I didn't actually think he would come away from. But he won't come if he gets very interested in another male dog(he's intact, and I plan on keeping him that way) - he doesn't always bring fetched objects all the way back to me right away, but most of the time he does. I don't throw it if it's not brought all the way back and dropped at my feet or put in my hand - it's really frustrating when it seems like he likes my boyfriend better(bf=all fun and no discipline me=fun, food, discipline, training) Other than those few things he's amazing. He settles in the house, he crates well, he doesn't bark at the door, when we go on long car rides he just sleeps(we've done a few 6+ hour car rides and the first few I would stop constantly to let him out but he wouldn't go, so now I only stop when I need gas and he just sleeps), he's smart and mostly willing to please me, and he loves cuddles(on his terms) He's been a snowboarding, and backpacking, and climbing/bouldering, and fishing. He gets to go everywhere with me. I lived(seasonal, will be back winters) in mammoth lakes, which is a very dog friendly town(heck, you could take your dog into Vons, or your local coffee shop). I think there's a 1:3 ratio of dogs to people there, and not annoying small yappy dogs, these are all outdoor dogs; lots of border collies, actually; huskies, of course; and labs, the perfect dog for a place with so many lakes. Once the snow melted we discovered he likes swimming. Even in the freezing cold lakes that are freshly melted snow(I jumped in and it's quiet literally barely above freezing, you lose your breath and can't get it back until you're out of the water IDK how he swims in it and doesn't freeze to death). You don't realize how skinny he really is until he's wet, he looks like I starve him(which is definitely not the case, he almost never finishes all the food I give him.) People never believe me when I say he's only 42 lbs because he's so fluffy Now that we're back in Orange county, and he's of age I would like to start herding with him and was thinking of contacting Stock Dog Ranch regarding lessons, I believe she's a member on here. I'm hoping his instincts kick in and if the way he plays fetch is any indicator he'll be a stylish(stylish meaning he crouches down low and uses a lot of eye, correct?) dog. Lately he's been spending a lot more leisure time out of the crate as he's learned to be calm when no one pays attention to him, or that's it's ok to just hang out and chew a toy. But that's always with someone there as I'm not sure I'm ready to let him be alone by himself yet. But I suppose I will have to eventually... I just don't know when that time is??? It's not so much about him destroying my stuff, but him not eating something that could hurt/kill him. Anyways, thanks for looking
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