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Found 6 results

  1. Hello All: We are a Flat-Coated Retriever family that just rescued (three weeks with us) a 12 month old predominately Border Collie mix that we believe had spent part of his life as a stray North Carolina farm country. He is the only dog in the house. He is sweet and loves, dogs, cats and every person he meets. He thinks he is a lap dog. Traits: Wants to herd bicycles, startled by noises, shakes a rope rag doll to death, pounces on things, has the classic head tilt, and learns anything I teach him in minutes. What he has yet to do is retrieve. Anyone have a BC that does not like to fetch? In any case. Glad to find this board and learn about our new friend, Karson. Toby
  2. Hi BC Boards, I just rescued this little pup - pretty sure he's a border collie/husky mix, but would love your opinion! I've been following the boards for a few months in anticipation of finding that perfect pup. & .... Found him! Background: This is his fourth (!) and final home in 5 months, and my first puppy (!). When I found him he had fleas, a UTI, broken canine (fortunately just puppy tooth), fear of crates, would wet himself constantly and owners who claimed he only knew "sit" and not even his name... but he had that look in his eye of a smart pup, and I knew his potential. Within a week (and a lot of work!) he was cleaned up, healthy, mostly house-trained, walks nicely on a leash, sleeps next to the cat (with supervision), and knows at least 15 commands. He even picked a name for himself that gets nearly perfect recall - "Roux" ('roo' ... means redhead in French... probably sounds a bit like a howl in his ears). We'll be taking him to a sheepherding introduction class here in Southern California at the end of the month. I'm a former animal behaviorist and dog trainer turned scientist, and waited 10 years (!! 10 years!!) to adopt a pup of my own. I am so excited. ! As a distance runner, I am very, very happy to have a dog that can keep up (he seems to have husky endurance and endless BC zippy energy). I'm also hoping to train him on nose work. Anyone want to throw out guesses as to his background? Former owner said pure BC / pure Siberian husky. I would agree based on behavior. BC traits: Coat seems definite BC with white patch on neck, soft ears, flowy tail. Keen eye, fetches/herds anything I throw back to me quick-as-a-whip, sometimes drops flat before going into herding mode, maintains eye contact and listens with ears back. Responds best to whistles. Learns a task within a few repititions, responds well to food or praise reward. Husky traits: affectionate/cuddly in that husky-way, tries for alpha, loves other dogs (tries for alpha there too), curled tail and definite husky face with that ridiculous husky goofy grin. Also gets bored once he learns a task as if to say "ok, sure, sure... but WHY?! ... neeeeext!" He also nips at moving objects (including joggers, cyclists ) and sometimes defaults to jumping up on newcomers if not reminded to sit. Working on that. Those spotted feet have me thinking he might also be an australian shepard mix, any ideas on how to know if he's BC or shepard? People also guess heeler. What do you all think?
  3. Greetings and thanks in advance for any thoughts. We adopted Louie (formerly "Nosey") about 2.5 months ago at an adoption event. He's a BC/Lab/? mix, about 2-3 years old, very mellow, couch potato, no concept of toys or playing, extremely timid--even fearful--of people. Anyone. More so at the house, but also in the park. Goes nuts when he sees squirrels or rabbits. Not much of a barker, doesn't know from fetch or catch, LOVES other dogs. Escape artist, seems to have a high threshold for training collars and even a live wire we used on some fencing outside. We have to figure out how to contain him (he got out of the live wire) because he'll jump the fence and leave whenever he has the opportunity. Always comes home, but was brought home by police the other day and was almost hit by a car. We were looking for a smaller dog, maybe terrier mix, and explained our lifestyle: small children all the time, busy household, cat, gerbil, birds, lots of time with human's home, but not the type to jog or go for hikes. No dog like that was available and we were ready to go when we learned about Louie. We didn't know much about BCs beyond some perceptions and some misconceptions. It's been rough. Louie becomes afraid and hides whenever people come over. He warms up to children a little faster--if we go for a walk in the park immediately upon their arrival and he gets used to them outside first. Will this ever change? And is there a way to facilitate Louie not escaping all the time (or wanting to). I absolutely get that I didn't do diligence about this breed before adopting Louie. I was going based on input that he had many of the qualities we were looking for in a dog; and about 15-20 minutes together before making the decision. Louie's personality is different than other dogs we've had; and neither of us has ever really worked with a very timid/scared dog. Is this a wrong fit? Or are there things I'm not doing that I should be? (And then it's about whether I can or not). Louie is also a cuddler, and has a very Eyeore-like demeanor with such dignity. He's a sweetie, and I'd love to not feel like I'm floundering.
  4. Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and had a few questions. I'm going to pick up my puppy Friday and was wondering what you all thought about his looks as a puppy. I'm more or less just looking to see if people can tell is he is mixed with Aussie and collie? Does he look more like a collie or a aussie puppy? whether he is going to be a smooth coat or rough or medium? He is 8 weeks old Thank you!
  5. I've been doing 'disc dogging' only sense I've had Lola, but I think i'll be doing this alot in the future too. It's so much fun. She is around 8 months old. doing her 'hide' trick :3
  6. So I rescued my puppy about 3 months ago making her around 6 months old. They said she was around 3 when we got her and she recently lost all her teeth and her adult teeth have almost grown in completely, so I'm assuming she's around 6 months. Whenever I go on walks or to the dog park a lot of people ask if she's a border collie, but asks what she's mixed with. Other people don't see border collie at all. I only see border collie, but see the confusion with the shorter hair. She's around 40lbs, give or take. What do you guys think? I don't really have good pictures of her standing up, but she's pretty lean. She's sleeping now but maybe I'll take one and post it.
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