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  1. Don't be afraid of using "kit" lenses while learning (and beyond) the use of DSLRs. They really will do the job. This is a kit lens photo partnered with my older 450D (XSI).
  2. Which lens are you shooting with now? I'm going to assume, for now, that it's one of the 18-55mm series. If that's the case, and you don't want to go into big money yet, the 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS would be the next step up. Usually around $200-250. NICE lens for the cost. Lightweight, focuses fairly fast, good for outdoor use with good lighting. I have a "kit" lens that I use as my everyday, walkaround lens that's a 28-135 f/3.5-5.6 IS. I'm really impressed with it. It runs around $350+. It may be a little short for sheepdog trials. The next zoom would be the EF 70-300 IS, for around $550. I know someone who has done some excellent bird photography with that lens. Stay away from any of the 75-300 zooms, they're cheap, but image quality is lacking, to say the least. After these, you're into the 70-200 "L" series lenses and price starts to jump quickly. The non-IS f/4 version is around $650 and the f/2.8's go over $1000 to almost $2000. Anda has the f/4 version so maybe she'll weigh in on that one. I guess it depends how serious you want to get with it. You can always try the cheaper lenses first and sell them off later to get more serious gear. Lenses hold their value pretty well. Mike
  3. On the topic of "gear envy".... DSLR's give you sooo many options. I started with Canon's cheaper EF-S lenses and have sold them off to fund larger/faster lenses. Although sometimes I really miss the 55-250IS, it's a greatly underrated "cheap" lens. I went the route, at first, of buying the longest third party lens that I could afford and thought it would be "just as good", well, it wasn't. Good lenses make a huge difference. If I have learned anything that I can pass along, it's this. New camera bodies come out every year, sometimes twice a year. Good lenses that are taken care of, will last a long time. I don't know if a full frame body is ever in my future, but all the lenses that I have now or plan on purchasing will be compatible with FF as well as the crop bodies that I have now. And yes, Alchemist is an enabler and a bad influence :)/>... so says the one who purchased the 400mm lens first. Mike
  4. I'll add to the "skip the point and shoot crowd". I first started with a canon sx20is P&S. It takes very good still photos, if you're not in a hurry for the shot. Startup time time is slow on most P&S's. Shutter lag is also an issue that causes lost shots at times. My second camera was, and still is, a used canon 450D off ebay. Great little camera that I still can't seem to get rid of even though I now shoot with a 7D. The speed of DSLR's is head and shoulders above the point and shoots. I'll echo other's here in regards to the 40D as a GREAT first camera option. Same opinion goes for the 50mm f/1.8 lens. I actually have never used that one, I have the f/1.4, but I see what it does and it's impressive. I don't have any real recent shots of the dogs, but I'll post a photo that will link to my Flickr page. All my photos have data on them that shows which camera was used. The oldest shots were P&S, the newest are, mostly the 7D. I will add that I've bought better lenses along the way too and that makes a huge difference. Whatever you decide, have fun with it. Photography is very addictive. You will find yourself wanting to get better all the time. It's a fun journey. Mike
  5. Congrats on your new addition. A bit of warning regarding black dogs with freckles on their socks. They will steal your heart. Living through it as we speak. Your new girl is beautiful.
  6. Awww, come on now.... Couldn't you find me a hat that fits? Bah Humbug... Merry Christmas, Lynn.
  7. Holiday wishes to all on the Boards who have helped with all of my questions over the years. You're all a great bunch of people with a wealth of knowledge. Merry Christmas from Maggie and Dave and me too. Mike
  8. Annual shot of Maggie in her favorite winter spot.
  9. Love the first one with Zoe flying though the pasture.
  10. I can't remember if I posted this one here before, but it always makes me smile. Dave is like a little kid when he gets to go to the beach. I'm adding this because Laura L. likes this one.
  11. When we got Dave at about 3 1/2 months old, he and his tail were pretty sparse. He too is a mix of Border collie mom and unknown male. He will be three in January and as you can see, he fluffed out quite nicely... Mike
  12. Dave is pretty smart, but I think by the look on his face, we may be pushing a bit too much.
  13. I don't know if the heat has anything to do with it? Good question though, I'll ask her when she gets home if that has even been brought up. My wife says that the spike that they've seen personally at the clinic is due directly to vaccinations not UTD or just plain no vaccination at all. Many of the clients there are from lower class neighborhoods where puppies are born to unspayed mothers and just passed around to any family that will take them. Alot of the parvo cases are walk-ins these days. When a person just comes in with a parvo case without calling first, it's really dangerous for the people with pets in the lobby who are there to do the right thing and get the preventative vaccines. She also mentioned that for some reason, it has seemed like it's harder to pull a black or black with brown( Rotti type) parvo case out of it. It may be just coincidence that those were the worst cases and brought in later. What ever it is, I hope the numbers of cases go down soon.
  14. Stella's face reminds me of the talking dog in the youtube video that I'm sure everyone has seen, but if not, it's under "Ultimate dog tease" Mike
  15. ...and the most gawd awful diarrhea smell you can imagine. And also, living in Indiana and having my wife and son that both work at a vet clinic, yes, the numbers of cases are staggering right now.
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