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    Advice on Potential Adoptee

    He is, and is going to be, more and more beautiful every day. Things come together for a reason. I am sure you both will be very happy. Thanks for rescuing him.


    Thank you!!! I will start doing more of this Impulse control. I didn't know that I was doing some of it or why I was doing it. I see how important it is now. Thank you and I did not mean to high jack this thread!


    Could you give some examples on how to train a dog that has a lack of impulse control? I would find that very helpful.

    Sit on the dog

    Maybe shy is a better term for me to use here. He wants to interact with people but, I seem to think his anxiety level is so high from all the dogs barking and commotion going on that he's not sure what to do. When he does allow someone to pet him he kind of rolls over in a submission on his back and starts kicking his feet and legs and bites or nips at them and then runs back to me. He is not drawing blood or leaving marks. His tail is never held high but it does wag a little but its held close to the floor. When I have him alone at the house he will bite at me when he is all stirred up and excited, which is most of the time. Today I made it a point to him I was not going to tolerate it any longer. He seems a little better now but time will tell. I have a can with a few quarters in it and when he attempts to bite I rattle the can and tell him NO BITE and then give him a chew toy. I had been howling like a maniac when he bites me and putting him in his crate but that has done no good at all. I had him in the pet store today riding in a cart and he seemed cautiously fine with people, though he was not really interested in people petting him, he did sniff peoples hands and wagged his tail a little. He does not seem to be stiffening up though.

    Sit on the dog

    The trainer I have at class tells me the opposite. She tell me I need to encourage more people to interact with him. The more I socialize him the better he will become. Not forcibly I might add. Most people there have some dog sense. They just don't bend over and try to pet him. They stand at a distance and try to get Tucker to come to them, and they ask me first. There are 7 classes on Tuesday night so there are a lot of dogs and people. It is a big place. They teach agility, dock diving, obedience, etc. Its all gear toward positive reinforcement. As Tucker is a young puppy and there is a lot of things going on there thats new to him, I am sure he is some what scared and has a little anxiety. Hopefully it will get better. There are 5 other dogs in his class. Tucker being the youngest. This is where I take him for training.....http://www.tntdogcenter.com/home.html

    Sit on the dog

    I believe this may be more of what Tucker objects too more than anything. He don't like to be touched. People at my obedience class will get down to his level and try and call him over with treats in hand. Tucker wants to go see them and sometimes he does but when the treat is gone and they try to touch him he runs like crazy. If they do get to pet him he rolls over on his back with his legs kicking like crazy and starts bitting to get away. He does the same with me to a lesser extent, except I will not tolerate any more. I just hold him them until he calms down and tell him no bite, when he stops I tell him what a good boy he is while petting him. Whether it be right or wrong I have to do something. Tucker is 15 weeks old

    Sit on the dog

    I was just curious on what everyone thought about it. The last quote was from http://doggiefunandfitness.com/2016/12/sit-on-the-dog/. I am having problems with Tucker and was looking for answers. I just got back from obedience class. Tucker is afraid of people, all people. When they try to play with him he tries to bite and get away. Even when I try to interact with him he tries to bite me. When I pick him up he tries to bite and is just uncontrollable. I do have a vet appointment Thursday to get him checked out. I have tried this _sit on the dog" a couple of times and the interaction between us seems to be much better. The instructor said I need to be more firm with him and not let him get aways with this. She is not advocating that I hurt him or use any kind of aggressiveness with him just be firm and not tolerate his behavior.

    Sit on the dog

    For those of you that don't like the word dominance maybe this is a better explanation. The “sit on the dog” exercise often feels like you are “not doing anything” with your dog, and people are sometimes tempted to not do it. To skip this exercise is to deny your dog the gift of self-confidence, self-control, and “doggy zen.” It teaches your dog how to calm himself down by choice, it teaches him to defer to you when you are not able to pay attention to him, and it teaches him that yes, he is fully capable of relaxing quietly, something puppies can have a hard time learning. “Sit on the dog” is an excellent exercise for achieving the overall leadership role you should have with your dog.

    meet SPLASH!!!

    He sure has some impressive blue eyes.

    Sit on the dog

    It seems as if it is a fairly good off switch. He sure is easier to train afterwards.

    New girlie jinx

    Pretty little girl. They are persistent!

    Sit on the dog

    AKA the long down. http://sanityshome.blogspot.com/2010/01/sit-on-dog-aka-long-down.html I have searched for information on this exercise on here, but have not really found any thing. I am more interested in peoples opinions and thoughts about it. Good or bad. It seem fairly simple and straight forward.

    Hi everyone

    Welcome to the board! Wonderful looking BC you have.

    destroying his bed

    I put a cheap towel in Tucker's crate. He would destroy the bed that goes in it. He does use the towel to prop his head on when he goes to sleep.

    Too young for outdoor kennel?

    If I was to use this logic or common sense I would of never had kids and certainly never let them out of the house. I am not telling anyone to leave their dog unattended outside. Leaving a dog in a kennel for a few hours while your at home is not going to hurt anything and if you do leave the house put your pup or dog in his crate in the house is not going to either. Safe and secure is what I have said. Nobody is telling anyone where to keep their dog. Only giving my experiences.