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  1. Everytime he does it we correct it and taught her how to do it. This is my 3rd BC and 4th I have been around. I got herded as a kid....lol it sucks. Thanks for looking out for me though. Hopefully he will stop soon so it isn't a long term issue. My 14 year old never got out of it, but didn't nip, just would circle and such to herd people so it wasn't an issue.
  2. Being a puppy is so tiring. He was up on the chair with my wife and fell asleep. Such a sweet puppy. He has been good so far. One accident right after we got him home. None the rest of the weekend. He sleeps a lot but when he isn't sleeping he is herding my youngest daughter all over the place or roughhousing with my 8 year old BC, Shelby. and the second one is of course wanting to check out what I had in my hand.
  3. Went to a breeder on Friday and picked up our newest addition, Blaize is an 8 weeks old male weighs 9 lbs 3 oz and is perfectly healthy. We lost our 14 year old last summer and have been working with the breeder to get another one to keep our 8 year old Shelby company. And one of Shelby checking him out while he was going to bed for the night in his crate.
  4. Well we have managed to slowly heal from his loss though we will never forget him and the pain of losing our best friend will never be gone. We have continually reminisced about our favorite times with him and we aren't even through the first year we had him....LOL he made such a huge impression on everyone he ever met. Our other Shelby has made it through very well and finally came out of her shell and is way more personable. He is missed dearly but....It is finally time to get another. Friday we are getting our newest addition. Will update in another thread when we get him from the Breeder. Thank you all for the sentiments. I know its been 8 months and I should have responded but I couldn't come here for the longest time. Gibs
  5. Thank you all. He was well loved and spoiled. He made friends everywhere he went and you always looked forward to hanging out with him. Unfortunately I can not find his ABCA paperwork. I would love to get a copy but I don't know what his name was on the papers and I don't remember the breeder. I know he was from Kansas and born on 4-15-01. If anyone has or had a dog with that birthday in Kansas I would greatly appreciate some help. If I know the breeder I can get a replacement copy from ABCA but without it there are 142 males registered that were born that day. They said they can't narrow it down anymore without more info. I know there was a Champion on the paperwork, it was all the way on the right side about half way down or so. Any help would be great. Thanks Dave [email protected]
  6. On Monday at about 3 PM Luke lost his ugly battle with Nasal Cavity Cancer. He was strong though as on Thursday he was playing ball in the backyard and tug of war. Even with the lump on his right face getting bigger. Friday he was very lethargic, Saturday he could walk only a few feet but looked like he was drunk, Sunday I carried him outside to go potty as he lost the ability to walk. My wife who he was her wedding gift, was driving back from Florida and got home Monday afternoon at about 1:15 PM. We fed him using a syringe and gave him water that way to. He wanted to go out so my wife took him out. All of his functions started failing and he died in her arms in his backyard at 2:58 PM. He wasn't the same after Thursday but I did what I could to comfort him until the end. Some stats about Luke ABCA Registered Visited 32 states Lived in 6 States Raised 4 kids Raised 1 BC puppy Made friends everywhere he went Loved pizza Was my wife cuddle bug through 6 deployments Video chatted with me from Afghanistan RIP Luke You will be missed by all. We love you! Thank you for everything you did for us! A very early picture of him and a picture from a couple weeks ago.
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