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  1. Thank you. I had never even heard of this drug. There is a lot of information out there on it. It was originally used for epilepsy. It is not FDA approved for pain control but it seems to really make a difference in cancer pain and chronic pain. Good thing to know. I have 2 older dogs. Tommy gets Metacam every day for arthritis. Zeke seems ok for right now. And Joey has epilepsy.
  2. Henry is getting 400 mg once a day along with 50mg of Tramadol every 8 hours. She can give him 400 twice a day if she needs to. That gabapentin is high because the cancer pain is bad. I looked it up and the normal dose is 1.4 mg per pound. They use it for chronic pain and cancer pain. Comes in 100mg and 300mg. I don't know what the safe dosage for Rimadyl would be if you mixed it with other meds. Can you just call and talk to the vet just to be sure the dosages are right for arthritis. When you start mixing them it can get tricky. Don't want to over do it. I know I would feel comfortable talking to my vet about it over the phone. I think the gabapentin has to build up to a certain level before you see results. The vet said it didn't work right away. WARNING. I just read that human gabapentin can have Xylitol in it which is very toxic to dogs. Be sure to ck on that.
  3. I think it is the combination of the gabapentin and the NSAID that does the trick. That is what I read anyway . The 2 together provide excellent pain control. I will have to ck Henry's meds tomorrow to see what his dosage is. He is one of the dogs I pet sit. He is about BC size. His vet said they could control the cancer pain up to a point and then it gets too bad and nothing works.
  4. There is a warning out on Sileo. The dosing mechanism needs to be locked securely into place or an overdose is possible. Just a heads up.
  5. I wouldn't try again until you talk to your vet. He may be having a bad reaction to the drug. My dogs just mostly sleep but they wake up right away and are alert . May not be the right drug for you. Have you tried xanax? That works pretty well for some dogs. Just plain old melatonin works for some dogs. Just be sure it does not have xylitol in it. For some reason some companies are adding xylitol and that is very toxic to dogs and cats.
  6. I don't know if this will help but I am taking care of a dog with aggressive bone cancer in his hip. He was completely down. Was eating and drinking very little. When he did manage to get up his back leg was useless. It just hung there. I thought we were going to lose him that weekend. His vet put him on a combination of gabapentin and Tramadol. Ge also gas Rimadyl if he needs it. I guess the gabapentin does take a little while to kick in. But the results have been amazing. He is now back on all 4 feet. He is eating really well. He goes down the front 4 stairs by himself and comes back up himself. And he is back to enjoying wandering around the yard. We know it won't last forever but it is so nice to have him for a little while longer.
  7. I looked into Sileo but gave up on that idea when I saw the cost. And it only lasts 3 or 4 hours. But the reviews were really good. People said the dog just wasn't nervous any more. That would be nice My dogs get Trazodone 100 mg. My 32 lb. dog gets 1 pill and my 40 + lb. boys get 1 and a half. It lasts about 12 hours.
  8. Tommy Coyote

    the Keto diet for dogs?

    Keto fans claim that the diet slows cancer and helps to control epilepsy. The only warning I have seen says to stay away from high fat dairy. One thing I read says it is basically the raw diet only you cook it. Trouble is that there is no research backing up all these claims. Lots of personal stories though. There is a Keto dog food you can buy but it was about $30 for 4 pounds. That would last me about 3 days. Not feasible for me.
  9. Tommy Coyote

    the Keto diet for dogs?

    i don't know if she is feeding her raw ready made. You would really have to watch to make sure the nutruents were right. I wondered about getting enough organ meat and calcium. Keto is very low carb - like under 50 grams a day. 70 to 80 percent good fats and fats from meat. And high quality protein. People on this diet think that carbs are the cause of all earthly ills. Carbs are poison.
  10. Tommy Coyote

    Trazodone for Dogs

    I give my 3 dogs Trazodone for thunder and fireworks. I have not had any problems with it. It works better than other drugs we have tried.
  11. Tommy Coyote

    the Keto diet for dogs?

    I have a customer who is on the Keto diet. She is now feeding her Boston Keto. She swears by it. Says her allergies are clearing right up Keto is very low carbs, very high fat and protein. Fat is a out 70 to 80 percent. Any thoughts on this?
  12. Regarding Obsessive compulsive behavior. I got Tommy at 8 weeks old and she already was showing her OCD. She bites at shadows and she does this little hippy hop pounce thing. I think that at least in this case her OCD is genetic. And I got my 2nd bc from a woman who tried to breed a bc that didn't have so much fire. What happened was that the herding instinct/ability fell apart really fast. Everything about these dogs us interconnected. You can't modify one behavior without affecting the whole.
  13. This may just be coincidence but I don't think so. I have been giving my dogs Trazodone for storms and fireworks. Their reaction to those noises seems to be decreasing. We have thunder in here today and all 3 of my dogs are just sleeping. They haven't really reacted at all. And they aren't on anything at all right now. The last meds they had were on the 4th. This is a big change for us. They used to just be awful.
  14. Tommy Coyote

    "Spooky Smart"

    I work with a whole lot of different breeds of dogs. I just think that dogs are smart. (Well, I do take care of some little lap dogs that I wonder about. Some of them seem to be a little limited in the brains department. But even some of the little companion type dogs can be really smart and lots of fun). I have seen dogs figure out stuff that just blew me away. There are some breeds that are pretty independent and harder to train. But those dogs can be good at problem solving if you watch them. They just aren't motivated to do things they aren't interested in. Doesn't mean they are dumb. I take care of one little guy who is probably part chi and part Italian greyhound. He is just as sharp as he can be. And he does the cutest tricks - really complicated stuff. My BCs are smart and they are easy to train. They catch on to stuff really fast. They know lots of words and phrases. But sometimes border collies can have problematic temperaments. I like border collies and I like their quirky temperaments but they aren't for everyone. If people are just needing a laid back kind of family pet they would be lots better off with a goldendoodle. I have several of those that I take care of and man are they laid back compared to my BCs. If I had to say what dog I thought was the smartest and that also had a really stable temperament I would probably go with a really well bred German Shepherd. I had friends that always had GSD and they were great dogs.
  15. Tommy Coyote

    Smoky the Border Collies

    I saw that. I wonder if that would work here where fires have devastated whole areas. You would have to wait until the area was safe for the dogs.