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  1. Young, growing dogs can have little patches like that. The stress of growing lets the demodectic mange mites that all dogs carry cause some problems . Spots are often around the eyes, or on feet and legs. It usually resolves by itself in about 6 weeks. The meds take for parasites often clear it up. I would ck with your vet so she can do a scaping to be sure that is what it is. And as long as it does not spread too far I would just watch it. Several of my young dogs have had that stuff. Your vet can tell you what to watch for.
  2. Tommy Coyote

    Therapy dogs can spread superbugs to kids, hospital finds

    Kind of like the sensationalism around the 1 man who got a terrible illness when his dog licked him. How many million dogs in the country licking their owners have never passed any diseases to anyone. Versus 2 cases of this incredibly rare disease. And boy did the media run with it.
  3. Tommy Coyote

    Non Sequitur

    I cut this out to put on the fridge.
  4. Tommy Coyote

    Non Sequitur

    No. It was in yesterday's paper. Dogs going to heaven. I don't know how to put the link out here from my phone.
  5. Tommy Coyote

    Non Sequitur

    go out and see this cartoon this morning
  6. Tommy Coyote

    Book Review: Designer Dogs: An Exposé

    I just saw an add for a toy golden doodle.
  7. Tommy Coyote

    Book Review: Designer Dogs: An Exposé

    I read this article. I have taken care 9f several golden doodles and they were good pets. I wondered about the current craze of miniature golden doodles. I see the small ones around here. This says they have physical problems. The one I took care if seemed fine but I think they paid really a lot for that dog.
  8. Tommy Coyote

    Rescue BC barking through the night

    I do what GL does. A crate in my bedroom where they can hear me and the other dogs.
  9. Having an epileptic dog myself I agree with you. I am too selfish about the welfare of Joey to risk something like that.
  10. Tommy Coyote

    Collie Breeding

    Good Grief. I honestly don't see what your beef is. No one here is telling you how to breed. We don't have any control over the hundreds of dogs being bred for venues other than working. If it isn't illegal do what you want. Or is your beef with the registry? It is a registry for working sheepdogs. There are still a lot of people like me and others on this board who want to make sure there is always a core of good working sheepdogs so that the working ability is retained. The only people that really know how to do that are people with years of experience breeding, training, and working these dogs. The bar is set high because it needs to be . If someone needs a good reliable sheepdog a dog with only bits and pieces of working instinct just won't be able to do the job. There are tons of dogs being bred for pets, or obedience or sports. They aren't concerned with preserving the working sheepdog. And the working ability is being lost pretty rapidly in those populations. Only takes a couple of generations. You need to do what is best for you. And we will continue to do what is best to preserve a high level of available working dogs.
  11. Tommy Coyote

    Collie Breeding

    I guess I don't understand why you posted here. Except to start a fight for your own entertainment. There are people who come to this board who have spent years and years learning to breed really good working sheepdogs. They spend hours of their time helping people who really want to learn. They don't do it for the money. They do it because they love these dogs. They understand how really tricky it is to breed for top notch working instinct and strong physical structure and sound temperament. It's too bad you already know everything because you could have learned a lot.
  12. Tommy Coyote

    Dog Parks

    Doggie day care is another bad place for picking up contagious stuff.
  13. Tommy Coyote

    Grain free

    ok. Never would have thought of that. I think there is a butcher shop close to me. I will stop by there and see what I can do. I have just a small freezer so I can't do anything but small amts.
  14. Tommy Coyote

    Grain free

    thank you. I will go over all of this tomorrow.