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  1. She is doing awesome. These pics were taken before her treatment started. She is just a wonderful dog. She and my lab mix, Indy, do not have good feelings towards each other, but he's a grumpy old man, so that's to be expected We started working on basic commands before her treatment started. She is a very timid dog. She needs MAJOR work on recall. It'll take time. Anyway, here are some new pics of her: And a bonus pic of my beautiful boy, Doc's eyes
  2. You could be a spokes-person for that park! You should send those pics and that story to the Baltimore Chamber of Commerce and the Offices of Parks and Recreation LOL!! It truly is beautiful. I am officially jealous!
  3. DH says no more dogs, but we do have several months of treatment ahead of her, so we'll see what happens. As far as I'm concerned, she's already home. We'll see how DH reacts when she's all better.
  4. Luna is an absolute dream. I just love her so much. She's loving the interaction she gets with Doc. I love watching them play. She adores my husband and tries to get in his lap every time he sits down She's got an appointment for Monday, so we'll know more about her treatment then. Seriously. I love her! Check out Nemo (the foster dachshund) in the back trying to catch up! Well hello little feller!
  5. Tonya Betancourt ([email protected]) Lake Charles, La 1-2 Legs from Beaumont, Tx- Slidell, La Kia Sorento Have extra crates Willing to pull from shelters Can hold overnight Available most weekends, some weekd day evenings [transferred to database]
  6. LOL! That's "his" baby! They share the same birthday. He loves his kids.
  7. Thanks! yes, his eyes are pretty orange. Very different than any of my other dogs. He knows how to use them too. LOL
  8. He is so handsome!! How long has he been in service dog training?
  9. What a fun day!!! I wish we had things like that here!
  10. We've had Doc a year now and he's become a MUCH loved member of the family! He's training in agility and obedience and is doing very very well. His motivation is really increasing. We just love him so very much. I lurk here often, but decided I'd show my pretty boy off for you all!
  11. LOL he keeps the *top* of the highchair clean too. LOL. He's an awesome guy.
  12. She is beautiful!! She looks like an Akita x to me. I LOVE her!
  13. It's been a while since I've posted, but I thought I'd come out of "lurk" mode and share some photos of Doc (Aka Hudson). When he first came to us, his name was Nick, but after a few days, we settled on Doc. He's 10 months old now and is started in agility. We're doing basic stuff, but he's excelling already. Anyway- here is Doc That ear can't decide what it wants to do. Half the time it's up and half the time it's down. Perfect either way, though
  14. Didn't think that at all! Thank you so much for your help!!
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