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  1. The 2012 Finals are barely over but preparations are well underway for 2013. The website is up, as well as a Facebook page. You can find the website at www.nationalsheepdogfinals.org. Lookup the Facebook page with “2013 National Sheepdog Finals”. We will be updating the website regularly as the year rolls on and details are finalized. Maria Amodei
  2. I’m pleased to announce the new Northeast Border Collie Association website. http://www.nebca.net/ Thanks go out to Carol Campion for the new design, Dan Gullotti for technical expertise, and our webmaster Joanne Murphy for building the content on the new pages (twice). We were provided with many excellent photos by a number of photographers including Carol Campion, Sharon Perkins, Angie Driscoll (Kinloch Sheepdogs) and Amanda Milliken among others. The page I particularly like celebrates the working Border Collie. Thanks here go to Bev Lambert for the content, and to the USBCHA, ABCA, CBCA, ISDS, and USBCC for providing their logos as links. http://www.nebca.net/thebordercollie.html Another new page is the NEBCA history, with the content provided by Betty Levin. http://www.nebca.net/nebcahistory.html We’ve added a Classified Ad section and a photo gallery as well. We still have some work to do on the site, mostly in the deeper pages. However the main material is in place. We hope you all enjoy it. Maria Amodei
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