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  1. great pics they are very good for a camara phone. how old is marla she looks very young but hard to tell in the pics. very pretty girl.
  2. hehehe come downstairs and found wiskey chilling in my sons infant chair lol
  3. i wish wiskey would pose like that for me i tried over and voer to get pics close up like that but everytime i got on my belly she would jump on me lol. i would love to get a close up pics like one of those as my porttrait to frame of wiskey but nooo she has to jump the camara mommy lol. great pics though i love them
  4. she has gotten so big here is some wrestling pics from today. if anyone remebers my last post iw as tkaing pics to find a good one to frame of wiskey as a pup well i thought i had found one out of those pics from that post but i think that i am changing it to number 8 of this post i love that picture of her. what do you guys think or still go with number 3 from my last post titled wiskeys protrait? i was also kinda thinking the last one in this post for it is either number 8 or the last pics i need some opinions.(just looked at last pics and like it alot too just not sure which i like best now)
  5. he's soo cute it's soo funny i see pictures of all your dogs in funny poitions or with funny/cute facial expressions and wiskey does them all too. i love it i love puppies too cute.
  6. the picture of both dogs mouthing with eacvh toher is so typical of my house right now wiskey goes around like a piranha and bailey just stands with his mouth open snorting lol. amazing what older dogs put up with from puppies they they try to act like they hate lol. he is definetly adorable and so glad you got him to fix all those horrible thigns he come to you with. and a year later you would never even know. happy birthday buddy licks wiskey and bailey
  7. he├Ęs so handsome i think wiskey needs a boyfriend lol my bailey is just too old for her she needs a younger man lol.
  8. so i have decided iw ant to frame a picture of wiskey as a puppy i was going to wait until we had flowers and spring weather out but decided she wouldn't be much of a pup by than since she is 17 weeks old now. so was wodnering what is your guys favorite? i just took these today i don't know how to resize them so if they are big or small i am sorry. i had to throw in one of bailey of course. the last photo of wiskey is a little different from the second picture. i think all pictures are wodnerful fo ehr but i only have so much wall space. Poor bailey i cannot wait for summer and the dogs have mroe room to run around or i should say bailey has more room he tries to get up in the snow with wiskey and falls through he is such a chunky lazy monkey wiskey ahs really brought energy out in him thank goodness. oh and if in one of my other posts you like a pics in there better please let me know it does not have to be one of these pics for ehr portrait
  9. i wish i didn't live in such a rural location there is nowheres for me tot ake the dogs to have puppy play dates without driving 2 hours one way and there are not too many dogs in our area that i trust. So i would love a virtual playdate lol. your pictures are just beautiful i am wishing i waited to get our camara so we could fo saved our money and got a bigger better one (not that ours was cheap by any means) just wish now that i have action shots to take with wiskey and bailey that i got a better quality camara. Maybe santa will bring me one. i love your pictures though so beautful and you new little bundle is definetly handsome i think he should be wiskeys boyfriend. they would make a cute couple lol
  10. oh no i don't plan on starting this until she is bigger and stronger i plan on tlaking to vet before hand and find out what he thinks just kinda wanted to learn how to do it so i know when the time comes. thanks for the great advice though i will try that ebcause she does love trying to climb up me when i am squatting down for her so that is a good idea.
  11. i don't know how if i knew how i would resize the thumbnail to be bigger so they don't need to be clicked on
  12. man has she gotten big. So full of love my favorite time with her is in the morning my hubby gets up lets her out and when she comes in full of snow from a good morning play she comes busting up the stairs on the bed and smothers me in snowy wet cold kisses.. REALLY WHATS BETTER THAN THAT????? heres some new pics i took fo her i just got done uploading them on my computer. my daughter loves bailey pulling her around and he loves it too. we soo have to get a harness so he can just do it without having to take rpessure off his neck. i love the last pics she is soo beautiful and to think we where originally going tog et her sister who was same coloring but had the typical border collie marking, man i am glad we changed our minds because wiskey is definetly gorgeous. i hope these are bigger my pics are always soo small
  13. i am not sure never had a full breed bc before only parts but wiskey come from a working farm where the puppies interacted with livestock and got to watch daddy at work on the cows and wiskey doesn't crouch or anything she chases my cats around and always tries to get them into a certain corner but she does not crouch or any typical border collie herding position. She is about 17 weeks old now so i am not sure maybe wiskey just doens't have it but i bet your little one would make one heck of a herder if s/he is already starting this young. good thing i am doing agility with wiskey and not herding huh lol
  14. what is the trick called and how do i get it to get the dog to jump in my arms i see soo much of this being done with border collies but cannot figure out on my own how i can get wiskey trained to do this. i know right now she is young but would love to know how so when she is bigger i can get her doing it. thanks sherri
  15. this is my wiskey and bailey. bailey was a shelter dog and when we got him they said he was 1 but not 100 percent with strays vet said older but hard to tell so we say he is out 4 to 5 year old lol and wiskey is 16 weeks old she has gotten so big from when we got her. the video my husband did of the dogs playing outside it was done alst week just finally got a chance to add it on youtube. i love my babies unfortunetly we all have the flu right now canines and humans everyone in this house we have all been vegging in bed for the most part today. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkI19TM_uCo
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