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  1. I'm sorry I'm just seeing this... best wishes to you and Kat for a speedy recovery. I'm with Becca - here's hoping Kat is back to her old self quickly with no additional worry or expense.
  2. I love this. We seriously need to get you an agent so you can start cashing in on this "hobby."
  3. Those are great... the photos in the car are too funny.
  4. Great photos Laura (as always). Been thinking about how y'all were managing up there after watching the media coverage of the snow. Judging by the images, everyone is taking it in stride (especially your LGD).
  5. Thanks for sharing those, Kathy! How long did it take y'all to go 7 miles in that snow?
  6. So glad the news remains positive... he must be awful special to have found such big spots in your and Steve's hearts. More very powerful south Louisiana mojo (the birthplace of all mojos) coming your way...
  7. Thanks for the great information B... glad to hear that acupuncture might be an option.
  8. I took Cal to the vet this morning. Radiograph was inconclusive on esophageal malformity (but showed no obstruction or lesion); urinalysis showed no bacteria or elevated PH. He is concerned about megaesophagus; next step will be endoscopy or fluoroscopy at the referral center. I read that when megaesophagus is found, myestenia gravis should be tested for - and vice versa. Megaesophagus can also be idiopathic - but I don't buy that as a diagnosis - if its not congenital, something must cause it. Anyway, we're treating her with Prilosec until after the holidays in case it's esophagitis caused by reflux. If she can tolerate kibble after a few weeks, we'll assume we had a case of reflux esophagitis (I was feeding Evo to put a few lbs. on her - the 42% protein/20%+ fat may have been too rich). As far as the incontinence - the vet is thinking the switch to canned food may have been too much water so we're taking the conservative approach there as well and just letting her out more frequently for a while. In the meantime, I'm managing her carefully as there is a high risk of pneumonia in dogs that regurgitate repeatedly due to aspiration. Wish us luck... thanks for your concern.
  9. Thanks all for your thoughts and concern... Liz, I appreciate the information. I'll keep everyone posted.
  10. Early last month, Calli began regurgitating her food while eating. I researched the difference between vomiting and regurgitation (it’s definitely the latter), and put her on canned food only, raised her food bowl off the ground, gave occasional doses of Pepcid, etc. The symptoms disappeared for a couple weeks so I slowly transitioned her back to moistened kibble (with some canned food). She was OK until last weekend, when she started again, so we’re back on the softened canned food. What was really scary was she aspirated food during one episode and, as I was preparing to dangle her upside down or try something Heimlich-like, she coughed it up – with blood. As if this isn’t bad enough, she’s started leaking urine in the past month. Related? I could find nothing online to indicate. No other symptoms. I feed premium kibble (usually Nature’s Variety rotated with Whole Earth). She’s quite fit and healthy otherwise (spayed); she’ll be 3 in February. Any notions of what I could be dealing with are appreciated. We have a vet appointment Monday morning. Thanks, all...
  11. Too cute! I was getting ready to ask for more pics - the Tikklettes look great. And it looks like Raskle will be a wonderful mom one day (Lord help us).
  12. OK - I can't resist jumping in. One other piece of advice the author gave me when we first started Cal (well, actually, she'd scream it at me) is when you're doing the walking about, you really have to move. "Walk like you're doing a backwards Groucho Marx" (see, I was listening!). Make the dog constantly balance and adjust as you change directions. The bubble above the dog in the diagram would say, "Got 'em covered, Master/Mistress!" while the bubble above the sheep might be, "Well, that wolf is worrisome enough to make us want to stay close to the food lady, but not so close or pushy that we'll bowl her over, causing her to curse profusely."
  13. ...that turning on the DVD player doesn't always mean sheepdog training or trialing videos are forthcoming. ...that someone taking a seat at the computer doesn't always mean sheepdog training or trialing videos are forthcoming. Sigh.
  14. Thank you for sharing your experience and superb photos...
  15. Go to this site, fill out the address info (you can omit your email address and uncheck notifications if you'd like), select your retailer, and they'll mail you a coupon. Although the website doesn't specify the coupon's value, I've seen other posts on blogs, etc. that say it's for a free 5 or 6.6# bag. Around here, that's $18-20. Natura coupon link
  16. I'm right there with you! Of course, we know the quiet work doesn't appeal quite so much to the action film crowd.
  17. Like Sue, I really liked the music and clips. I also agree. I have to say though, that I watched the vid after reading your post and I only saw one dog actually connect with a nose. Obviously the videographer opted to highlight the "action," but all in all I think the frequent flashing of teeth illustrated the control the dogs were exhibiting since only once or twice (a heel) did I actually see a bite connect.
  18. Yaayyy! Way to go Tik!! For those of you who haven't been around awhile, Tikkle (besides being a beautiful and talented cow dog) has had several very close calls in her life. Two of those happened before she was born: mom Riddle needed emergency surgery during the pregnancy and then acquired a tick-borne disease (hence her unusual name). Then, Tikkle almost died following routine anesthesia for a foxtail. Anna will correct me if I've got any of this wrong, but suffice it to say that it's nothing short of a miracle that Tik is with us, much less birthing beautiful babies.
  19. What a way to spend the weekend; great shots, Kristi! Thanks for sharing..
  20. Heavenly... thanks for sharing, Laura.
  21. Thanks for the great photos you guys... keep 'em coming!
  22. As always Dave, your videos are first rate. As someone who aspires to get to Meeker and/or Soldier Hollow in the future, I'm grateful, in the meantime, to have your videos to inspire me...
  23. Fantastic captures, Christine. Thank you for sharing. And Lone...
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