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  1. So sorry Sue, over the years I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Celt, learned an amazing amount with your detailed story of his rehab and everything else. Thank you you for sharing him with us.
  2. It’s a very traditional way to train a release among competitive obedience trainers, it has always made me uncomfortable, I am a “force free” trainer especially when dogs are learning new things I just can’t imagine any animal including humans being able to learn well with the threat of pain. Now if you walk across my coffee table because it’s the shortest route I am not permissive you will be hearing a suitable correction, but it won’t be physical.
  3. Both my boys are intact at 10 and 3 1/2 and living in Spain they regularly encounter bitches in season, the older one has absolutely no interest in girls, the younger one loves girls but there has never been a time I have been concerned about an accidental matting. The OP doesn’t say what country she lives in so her vets advice might be the norm, even in the US my vet advised me to keep the oldest one entire for as long as possible and not bother if he wasn’t an annoying boy. She was a breeder of standard poodles and told me she had clearly seen the difference in her puppies between those who were neutered late and those at the standard 6months. But as she admitted this was not advice she gave everyone.
  4. USDAA have a version of Rally. https://www.rallydogs.com
  5. Sorry I have to agree with Gentle Lake there is no CBD oil in there. As you commented that you haven't seen any change in behavior maybe try a real CBD oil. From everything I have read about CBD it is suggested to use the oil directly and not buy the treats as you have no idea what you are getting.
  6. This is excellent advice, keep it fun, don’t let him be a jerk and and eventually a nice dog will return.
  7. I bought my first non-rescue puppy from a small scale breeder in Scotland. To me the only reason to breed is working ability, this litter was bred as each of them were ready for a new dog. I am glad that you are looking for an ISDS dog, my youngster comes from a working mum and a dual purpose dad, open trial and grade 7 agility. I wouldn't worry about a pup being reared outside if it is being handled and exposed to life, what could be more scary than large farm equipment! My youngster was raised in the house with a couple of kids but he never went any further than the kitchen and the garden, so I am not sure how different that would be to being in a barn on an active farm. He has grown into a confident young man, from 10 weeks on he was taken on lots of adventures and exposed to a huge variety of things. What I looked for: Reason for breeding, Health testing, quality of the parents. As I am not in the UK I went onto a number of UK based sheepdog groups and did some networking and that's how I found my pup, the litter was never advertised and the breeder doesn't have a website as they only breed very occasionally The breeder and I spent a lot of time on the phone getting to know each other, she wanted to be sure I could handle a driven ISDS dog, I wanted to know about their dogs. There was nothing hidden, when we went and got him we met the parents, had dinner with the family. One of her concerns was not being able to take him back, as like any good breeder they want the dogs back if doesn't work out so they can rehome them well. I am not a fan of sports bred dogs, I have friends with them and I find they are missing the chill gene! My supposedly high drive ISDS dog is the best pet I could have asked for, but get a toy out and go play agility he comes to life, he is very thoughtful around sheep as well.
  8. I started in NADAC, its not really a tandem turn, as its taught as a change of lead, I think what makes it so unique is that it is primarily used on the flat as a change of direction, I have watched NADAC masters use it well and always loved it. There were many things I hated about NADAC but I always loved the switch command.
  9. In my world of agility they don't have a lot of use, but on the wide open NADAC courses they work really well. It is something I would like in my tool box but my youngster has so many other critical skills to master that I don't think its going to happen, an independent backside is much more critical for us.
  10. You are really starting to get some nice distance, the one handling move from NADAC that I have always liked is the switch (change lead) and you have it down.
  11. I think because of your agility experience you will stand a good chance. When I was involved in border collie rescue in the US we always struggled to find adopters who wanted to be active with their dogs. I would start networking with potential rescues, so they start to get to know you and understand that you would be a good home for a border collie I spent 4 months living in an apartment on the 6th floor with no elavator, with my border collie he adapted really well, we are all glad when we moved out though those stairs were brutal!
  12. Border collies are often motion sensitive, his reaction to your girls on the swings sounds like a typical over aroused border collie. When he was in foster it is possible that he was some what shut down and wasn't comfortable yet. There are so many amazing rescue organisations, but there are also plenty that don't do a service to the dogs or family's that adopt them. I hope that Ned has the chance to find a good home and your family can find a four legged friend who will enjoy your lifestyle.
  13. Thanks for the info, I don't know where the panel was from, there were 3 different markers identified and it was in English. I was curious if it was now possible to separate the genetic component from the environmental, but it doesn't sound like that is possible yet.
  14. First I am not very knowledgable about DNA testing but I am always curious. I was reading the thread about the additional DNA testing and clicked through on the European link out of curiosity as the day before a friend had shown me a list of all the things her border collie is being tested for, and for me there was one obvious difference testing for hip dysplasia was on her list? Can you now reliable test for Hip dysplasia through DNA testing? I know that it can also be caused.
  15. I don't come here often very much anymore, I have learned so much from these boards and it is a shame other people are not going to have access to the amazing depth of knowledge that was here. Facebook conversations just don't have the same feel, as well as the groups being more specific. I will miss your observations.
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