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  1. Holy crap, can he be TWO already? Here are a few pix taken of Moss a few days ago with my new lens We are currently gearing up for the first trial of the year, where we will be running in Novice and (gulp) Nursery. I am hoping (and praying, and bargaining with the gods :-P) that we will be able to qualify for the 2011 Finals. They are within driving distance, and I'd really, really like to go Without further ado, here are some new pictures of my boy dog. Isn't he studly? My favorite <3 Thanks for letting me share!
  2. So I've decided to start Moss, my 21 month-old boy, in agility this fall, with the goal of getting him in my instructor's beginning agility group class in January-ish. He has primarily done stockwork and a little bit of basic obedience and manners training. He also knows a few tricks. Moss is a bright, athletic boy that I think could have a great future in agility. He's well socialized and very well-adjusted. He is also out-of-his-mind obsessed with toys, something I've never had to deal with (to this degree) before. I've probably encouraged, or at least not discouraged, a lot of it because it's only a problem when I'm trying to use the toy to teach him something. He doesn't try to drag the toy out of my hand (he's too polite for that), but will circle me, stare only at me while I'm holding the toy (instead of focusing on what's around him), and just gets really excited. I'd like to find a way to temper this manic behavior and channel it into something positive. I'm just not sure how to get there. Are there any tips, tricks, or games that y'all might know about that can help him to learn better focus and to get him to work WITH the toy instead of obsessing over it? haha. The goober-head himself: Thanks!
  3. My Boston Terrier is named Scully... and someday, I'd love to have a male smoothie BC named "Fox" .... I'm a complete X-Files freak; I even used to write...fanfiction...back in the day. haha! I own all the seasons on DVD (and a couple on VHS, haha) and am currently making my way through the whole series again from start to finish. It's so great. What a smart, well written, innovative show. I was so upset when it was over. And the last movie was complete garbage... I was so disappointed. ... but I still bought it on DVD!
  4. This past weekend, Moss's little brother, Link (and his family) came down so that he could be started on sheep with their breeder, Dianne.so Moss and Link are sons of our new National Champion, Riggs Oh hai, brother!" Aren't they handsome? Moss isn't really shorter than Link... in fact, he's quite a bit taller. But I was holding a toy, and well... Link is just 10 months old, and this weekend was his first time ever on sheep. He did very well! Link is also in training to be a service dog. His bond with Autumn is pretty amazing to watch. Link the giraffe: Handsome Link: My Mossimo Man (he's getting SO big!): Moss watching the sheep.... he kept drooling, LOL Aaaand... one more shot of the boys together.... with an extra helping of awkward:
  5. Goals/Dreams: - Complete my Masters Degree - Not go insane from all the work and stress of FT school and FT teaching. - Give Moss the opportunity to work sheep more consistently... i.e. hopefully be able to swing sending him for a few more months of training this fall/winter. - Become confident and experienced enough to move out of N/N. My dog is ready, I am not - Compete w/ Cedar for the first time in agility and obedience and kick ass... er, I mean have a positive experience. Or both. - Get my blog looking how I want it to. - Finish my thesis well in advance and totally rock my defense :-P - Qualify Moss for the Nursery Finals. - Finish the novel I'm working on :-P - Buy some acreage to start the process of building our own (sheep-friendly, heh) property! It looks like this could actually become a reality. Yay! (Those of you who have sheep and work dogs, what do you think is the minimum amount of land you need to be able to keep sheep and work your dogs? What would be the ideal amount of acreage?) Aspirations: Be happy.
  6. The hubby and I just got back from a really fun trip to Oregon. We started out Thursday night, stopping to camp about 30 miles west of Portland, at L.L. Stub Stewart State Park. What an awesome place! I'd never even heard of it before, but it's a brand new campground with gorgeous cabins and lots of hiking trails everywhere. Unfortunately, we only stated one night, but I'd really like to go back sometime. Just check out the view! The scenery was beautiful, too... with lots of wildflowers. We ended up just taking Cedar to make things easier and lower stress. She was great! As a bonus, she's really fun to photograph She was so excited to go hiking. And pissed that we apparently walked so slow She started getting sick of getting her picture taken after awhile. Me n' my girl After the campground, and a quick stop in Astoria, we drove down the coast to Newport. Of course, we immediately went to the beach. Cedar was stoked, because the beach means... Chuck-it time! We were all sad to go home...
  7. Forget purely positive or correction-based methods... there's always this tried and true way of training. ...I kid :-P
  8. Personally, in that situation, I think the kitten's safety should trump the dog's feelings. A verbal correction AND removal from the area is what I would do. Kind of like a little kid drawing with crayons on the wall. Simply removing the child from the room would not stop him from coming back and doing it again. Expressing your displeasure AND stopping the activity seems more effective to me. Just my 2 cents
  9. Here in Idaho, the mysterious Water Beast is known to leap out of the water to get to its prey. :-P ...and is rumored to be quite vicious.
  10. I love Link! What a gorgeous boy he is You can definitely see the family resemblance between him and Moss
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