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  1. Thank you all for your information. I gave Interceptor years ago to my German Shepherd Dogs. So is Interceptor considered safe for Collies since it is not Ivermectin? Re the flea + heartworm - a friend of mine just recently gave Heartgard and Nexgard (flea preventative) together to her dog on her vet's advice, and her dog became very ill.
  2. Not sure if this would be better served in Health and Genetics regarding heartworm preventatives. I did a search and found much information from years ago on this subject, but not much recently. My vet is really pushing for me to put the 4-5 month old puppies on Heartgard....not so much for the heartworm, but for the parasite / worm control. I live in Western Pa -- not a big heartworm area. I am more concerned when I read of border collies having seizures following the use of ivermectin. Would like opinions on the use of Heartgard and what age to start. My vet says it is safe for all herding breeds (that's a quote), but I have to wonder if that information is coming from the pharmaceutical companies. Thank you.
  3. I remember it like it was yesterday....I was totally addicted to the Kelso Story. I would log in everyday in anticipation of the next installment. lol. And it is a wonderful tool for anyone who adopts.
  4. Thank you for all of your comments. We have walked them around the property on leash ever since we brought them home. My plan to introduce them to the big yard was to take them outside to where we normally sit and put them on a long line. That is what we have done before when we brought a new dog home. What I never thought of (and I don't know why!!) was WALKING them around the yard on a dropped long line! Thank you for that suggestion! I think it will be a great next step. None of our dogs are ever out on the property without someone being there with them. When they go out, usually all the dogs are out there. I agree that getting that recall down is imperative to them experiencing the whole yard on their own. I also liked the comment that we should not narrow it down to a particular age, but to each dog's personality and maturity. Our dogs (and our kids' dogs) all love to run the yard since it is so big and fenced, and my husband is just eager to have these guys do it, too. We have raised litter mates before, although it was a long time ago and we are much older...so it is a tad bit more exhausting now LOL. They are separated during periods of the day and sometimes in the evenings. They are both in separate obedience classes on separate nights. They are trained separately at home. I know the pitfalls, so I'm constantly watching and not too concerned. Because someone asked, I am attaching a picture of Parker and Piper -- though it's awfully hard to get them to sit still long enough for a good photo op! I just want to thank Eileen and all of you for doing these Boards. I found you back in 2008 when I got my first BC through a rescue. Although I have 40+ years in dog training, obedience, showing, and a very small smidgen of breeding, I had German Shepherd Dogs and I really wanted to do right by this breed. I am so grateful to have found this wonderful site, and the knowledge I have found here has been invaluable. I continued to use this site through my second BC, and now again with these two puppies. Using the search engine is a really great reference tool when questions occur. I was around during the Kelso saga, and that has been a treasure for people who are adopting a rescue. You all really provide a wonderful service to all dog owners, and especially to Border Collie owners....and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
  5. Hi Everyone Our puppies are growing and they are now 4 months old (will be 5 months toward the end of November.) We have two fenced-in small yards for them to play in, both within our two acres of fenced-in land. So my husband and I are at a disagreement. He feels that they should be allowed on the two acres to run free (no leashes). I feel they are still too young. We try to keep it clean, but it's hard to control deer and rabbit poop on two acres. I feel if they are free at this age, it will be almost impossible to keep things out of their mouths (sticks, stones, poop, unknown weeds, unknown objects and grass.) Yes, grass. My boy has a habit of ripping grass up from the roots and eating it (dirt and all). I don't feel that they can be managed well at this age on such a large piece of ground. They have been training and learning since we got them at nine weeks and both are currently in a puppy obedience class -- but they are still young. I am inclined to wait until 5 or 6 months and then see how much more they have matured. He thinks I am being ridiculous and too cautious. So I would LOVE to hear opinions on what experienced people think as to when it is ok to give them a wider berth of exploration. Thank you in advance.
  6. Hello I did some past searches on this topic, but would like to know current recommendations for harness/collars on 3-5 month old puppies. I currently am using a step-in harness (which I once had a puppy back out of.) Would like to go to a collar for general obedience training and walking. However, I am fearful of the puppies backing out of a regular buckle collar. Best training/walking collar that you use on a young puppy: Buckle? Martingale? Any other kind? I am ruling out pinch, choke, or e-collars. Thank you!
  7. Thank you! All excellent points that I am sure I can incorporate. I did try searching for past posts, but most seemed to deal with older puppies or dogs; some that were more aggressive and others that were afraid. I knew I needed to get on this immediately. They are never out in that yard (or any yard) unsupervised at this age. My place is on 2 fenced acres, but I also have two fenced enclosures (one off the house for pottying -- which is where this is taking place) and the other further from the house and road which is a play yard.) At this age, they do NOT have full run of the 2 acres (except when on leash for walks)-- only the two yards and only when supervised. Here are their pics; they are Piper (white - girl) and Parker (red -boy)....and they are soooo much FUN!!!
  8. Hi We have a new border collie puppy (actually two) that are 12 weeks old. One has just noticed cars that go by on the road from the play yard (which sits about 50 feet away from the road - so it is not up against the road), and has started to run the fence to "chase" them. Knowing this is not a desirable response, and wanting to correct is asap, would love recommendations on how others would correct this. Thank you for any input.
  9. Another question: looking at pictures of the litter from the same parents (black and white sire x red and white dam). One puppy in the picture appears to be a red and white -- but with a black patch on his face around the eye. Is that possible (or is the camera playing tricks on me)? In two pics, the patch appears darker than the red on the rest of the puppy, and looks to be black. And there are no tan eyebrows like with a tri.
  10. THANK YOU!! I found that article easy to read, easy to understand, and the answer to my question!
  11. Hi I am looking at border collie puppies from a working farm. The father is black and white and the mother is red and white. Two of the puppies have predominately white bodies - one with black markings on the head and some ticking. The other is predominately white with some black on the head and some black patches on the black. Does this mean these dogs carry what is called the white factor? Does it mean they could possibly be deaf and or blind? I'm very confused about what I read about white. Any information will be helpful. thank you!
  12. I also have been checking back and hoping for better news. They never live long enough, and we are so privileged to have had them for such a short time. My sincere condolences....and he will live on in your heart.
  13. wow. This has happened to two good friends of mine. One has been giving fluids for over 6 months now, and the dog is still responding well. The other gave fluids for about 6 weeks, and all seemed fine until a very rapid deterioration last week, and after upping the fluids to no avail, it led to having the dog being PTS. Both dogs were elderly. So I agree with Liz's statement that it is variable.
  14. So, so sorry to hear this. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Kipp.
  15. Did you take a stool sample to the vet? I'd take the first stool sample of the morning. I've had similar symptoms with hook.
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