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  1. Thank You for the advise. I so have another dog, babe, a retriever/chow mix and they used to play all the time, Since I work for the Humane Society, we had a dog there that was getting to the point of being unadoptable at only 15 mo., so I brought him home. Hailey and Harley played all the time. I found Harley a home and it was at this point that my golden/chow quite playing with Hailey all the time. That was when I think she started shadow chasing. My husband and I take the girls for a long walk every morning. And my husband finally remembered to bring a frisbee along to see if Hailey would play with it at the school. She loves it so I am trying to see if he can't play frisbee with her more often. But the minuet she starts walking again she chases shadows. Thanks for the good advise. I haven't given up on her and we will be trying other things to keep her mind occupied.
  2. Hi, I have an 18 mo. old Border Collie named Hailey. About a month ago she started getting infactuated with shadows. No matter what I try I can not get her away from this. The minuet we are done with our activity she goes right back to chasing those shadows. Do you have any advise?
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