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  1. Aww you werent joking about her puppy ears. I can’t wait to see what they decided.
  2. Oh he is handsome. I wonder if his fur was being pulled in the harness? The harnesses we use are a little wider and so far everyone loves them. i don’t use collars (unless for herding) for all the reasons listed above. If they can’t use a harness we use a martingale hope I spelled that correctly.
  3. If this just started up I would be talking to the vet since it sounds like he is protecting himself? Maybe he tore a muscle or strained himself? Or maybe he is just going thru a late stage fear period. Also have you brought him to a behaviorist or a trainer? That way they can help build your confidence with him so your not afraid? He is able to pick up on your feelings. Each dog is their own personality. I have had mix reactions to harnesses but my dogs seem to love their current harness.
  4. I think it depends on your boy. Does he get along better with other boys or girls or both? My boys get along with any dog regardless of gender but my girl doesn’t like other females. Lol Why I have 2 boys and a girl.
  5. You are able to live in a city with border collies. I didn’t have a car for a bit either. Also we would walk or bike to different places and do training sessions. So walk and then tricks or manners(sit/stay/down), then continue to walk for a bit. I have a no pull harness which worked wonders. Tbh all I needed to do was put it on my let’s go... Go... GO! Border collie and he wouldn’t pull. We also got Ruffwear front harness which so far has worked wonders even with my terrier who is willing to strangle himself for a quick sniff and would slip from other harnesses love his so far. Its best if you stick with one training method so as not to confused your dog or yourself. At least that is my experience.
  6. Awww. I’m jealous you already got hit with snow!!!
  7. She is just so precious and tiny still! Love that puppy belly!
  8. For those who enjoy training your Border Collie tricks. How do you capture rear feet tricks? Half the time I can’t even see what the rear feet are doing. Val knows “front paws” which means puts your front paws on an object. He also knows “all four” which means I want all four paws on the same object. I would liked to train a “back paws” but have issues seeing what his back paws are doing to even capture or even free shape anything. Any suggestions?
  9. Nice!!!! Also I’m so happy there is another person who wears skirts and competes!!!!
  10. Wow I jealous! Hate fleas(and ticks!). Thankful it just seems to be the fall months for fleas. I start dosing them in July-November/December ... I waited a couple time till they got itchy and felt horrible with how itchy they ended up so want to catch it before it gets bad.
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