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  1. The price of the pup is as valuable as the person is willing to part. Hopefully if a person has $1000 for the border collie pup they will be able to afford training, and are there for the life of the pup.
  2. I know there are a lot of people on here who have great advice. Have you tried reading control unleashed? It helps teach your dog to settle and some self control. It isn’t easy reading but it has a lot of useful ideas.
  3. I have had some border collies be good eaters and some who just wasn’t into food. Normally try to feed pups 2-3x a day but I they are not interested but still healthy/active it doesn’t bother me if this skip a meal.
  4. I have 2 working bred border collies and a terrier, plus live in a city. It can be done! We actually live in an apartment. I love control unleash! It helped me handle when my dogs get over simulated. Just curious since you mention your dog pulling to the point of being able to slip his leash. Have you tried a no-pull harness along with his regular collar? My terrier might be small but he used to pull hard enough that he could slip his harness or collar etc... My terrier used to think (he still gets that idea sometimes) that’s it’s more fun to be a terror then a good boy when he manage to slip out. A no pull did help! He used to also chew through any hardness until I got him a better fitting more expensive one. Since it is super dangerous if they slip and they don’t want to come. He hasn’t had any slippage since getting the new harness! Lol and we do hike a lot I found a long line helps a LOT with recalls. But make sure when you are working Come it isn’t all just inside or in the yard! I still will randomly reward for coming(I have a 14yo, 7yo, and a 3yo). One dog reward is a treat, another might be a quick ball throw, another one might be to release them back to having fun. And your border collie sounds like my terrier! Rofl. he had multiple bones, and toys available so he decided to chew a wooden irreplaceable doll that he had to jump up to snag. Training him when he was young was super frustrating since he would get super naughty after each session even if you kennel him, regardless of the length, he would wait till he was loose and destroyed something. No had no meaning to him... it just meant to try harder. It does get better. One last point you mention getting him from a breeder? Sometimes they can give invaluable advice since they know the dogs parents. What worked for the parent can work for the young or they can give you an idea.
  5. If it helps you’re not the only one confused as to what is good to feed your dogs. Lol I've fed the whole gambit now I think. Whole Raw, raw mixed with veggies, homemade, high end dog food, lower end dog foods, and even momentary grain free. Fortunately my dogs don’t do well on grain free and a lot of the high end food my one dog just wouldn’t eat. Each type had its pros and cons. I feed them the “best” I can afford and they normally also get human foods. They all like the dry food. Have healthy teeth, shiny coats, routine blood work is always good, small solid poops, and all have energy. So far no heart issues and I have 14 years old BC, 7 years old BC, and a 3 years old mixed dog. i fed victors and now 4health chicken or lamb. Personally I prefer USA made food and locally source ingredients. However I buy what I can afford. Idk if that helps? But regardless what you choose it all has its pros and cons.
  6. Have you already talk to the vet to rule out any medical concerns? My girl used to be really mouthy... and nipped a ton as a puppy I redirected her to a toy instead of me. Although we also did agility so leash tugging was also acceptable. Lol Try to narrow down what is triggering him. Is he over simulated? Is there something unpleasant happening making him put up a fight? Is he just super excited to be going for a walk? You mention he has a low frustration threshold try setting him up for success. Also do you do just fun trick training? It can help build a relationship by teaching you how to read him and also helps him read you better. You can also try control unleashed. I really like their methods. On building drive and dealing with issues if they are over simulated.
  7. If you look at rescue adults you would know if the dog is cat safe. Or if you are looking at breeder maybe find one who will also introduce the puppies to cats. And go with the puppy who just ignores the kitty? I have had adults border collie introduced to a kitten(I made sure she had a strong leave it since she had a strong prey drive) and also had border collie puppies introduced to cats. 2 border collies were introduced as an adult to cats (1 from a breeder and another who was rehomed) 2 border collies were introduced to cats as puppies. Those ones seem to adopt the cat as “one who must be protected”. and have a terrier from rescue. good luck.
  8. I also have border collies and cats. I don’t let my dogs or puppies herd or pester or annoy my cat(s) from the moment I bring them home. Even when visiting friends and family houses with cats. They are NOT allowed to pester or herd cats even the ones who look fun to chase. They all get along just fine. My cat does have multiple safe rooms that dogs aren’t allowed in. She also has cat trees in every room and is allowed on counters. but if you’re gut is saying wait specially if he has heart issues... I would definitely wait.
  9. That looks like a blast!!!! How did you train for the(dog) obstacles?
  10. One of my dogs started having seizures about 3-4 years ago. He has cluster seizures and his shortest one so far was 10 minutes. So far we have been a year without one! I did a chem panel, also had his thyroid level checked and he is one healthy border collie. He still goes camping, hiking, and biking with me. We still do basic agility, obedience, scent work, and trick training. It depends on the dog as to what you can do. After each seizures my dog seems to be a little more careful/aloof with strange dogs. But it could also be from him becoming an adult. Also after his seizures we are back to square one with training. It takes about a month for us to be back to normal. I have heard some dogs get more aggressive after theirs seizure. I have been giving my dog keppra(hope I spelled it correctly) and CBD oil my vet felt due to the severity of his he needed it.
  11. Thanks for sharing that information about the kennel cough vaccine!
  12. Your dogs give such a polite handshake! =) My terrier is like here my paw along with my nail imprint.
  13. Oh awesome thanks for sharing! We were just looking for new tricks. We are right now doing 101 tricks for dogs. Stella and Pups
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